Mississippi board sets schedule to start out marijuana that is medical

Regulations for a medical marijuana program in Mississippi will be in place by a July 1 deadline, members of the state Board of Health said Wednesday. But they cautioned that it’s unclear how soon marijuana may be around to patients.

Aug. 15 may be the due date for their state to start licenses that are issuing dispensaries and cards for patients.

“I worry that there’s a little bit of a misconception among some in the public about what that means,” board member Jim Perry said during a meeting Wednesday. “They may be expecting that on Aug. 15, that you can walk into a dispensary or treatment center, whatever the nomenclature may be, and say, ‘I got my card this morning. I’m here for my marijuana.’”

Perry said marijuana that is growing for this program could just take months. He stated individuals cannot develop flowers before they have a license, after which regulators will have to test the strength that is medicinal of plants.

“It could be months after Aug. 15 before there’s actually product at a treatment center for a cardholder to purchase,” Perry said.
The state health officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, said it could take six to nine weeks for growers to get plants that are viable used in this program. He stated the wellness Department could you will need to “get somewhat ahead” regarding the 1 and Aug. 15 deadlines july. [Read more at Magnolia State Live]

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