Limoncello Strain Review

Limoncello strain in a plastic bag.Limoncello strain in a plastic bag.

Limoncello Strain

While it would likely feel the greatest cannabis strains ever have already come out into the previous couple of years, you’ll discover about a vintage here in this Limoncello stress review. This* that is( strain won the Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009. There have been hundreds of new strains created since then and the marijuana industry has grown enormously.

So, this weed strain was the best over a decade ago. Does it still hold its own in today’s cannabis market? Let’s find out!

Limoncello 28 Strain Genetics

Limoncello is a hybrid that is balanced providing characteristics present in other 50/50 sativa-indica hybrid cannabis strains. It does not create a good amount of power or leisure, rendering it an anytime bud.

Limoncello 28 may be the outcome of crossing the initial Lemonnade and Cherry Pie.

The Original Lemonnade, also called Lemonnade and Lemonade (note the spelling), is a marijuana that is hybrid that leans towards sativa. Users love the essence that is fresh of plus it’s effectiveness for a wake and bake session. A good amount of clean power is obvious aided by the experience.

Cherry Pie may be the outcome of crossing GDP and Durban Poison, two marijuana that is highly prominent. This strain produces a long-lasting high that will hit quickly and fill the room with the sweet and cherry that is tart.

Not interestingly, the child-strain Limoncello may be the blend that is perfect of lemon and tart cherry and has won the HighTimes Cannabis Cup two times, in 2008 and 2009.

Interestingly enough, this strain that is award-winningn’t been utilized generate any brand new child-strains to attempt to increase the strength and essence to steadfastly keep up with new-age strains.

Newer strains deliver more potency and pungency than numerous older cannabis strains, making sure that could be grounds that this fan-favorite about ten years ago has lost its benefit in the* that is( market today.

Prospective growers can get their hands on the Limoncello 28 genetics from reputable seed banks. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to breed a child-strain from Limoncello and bring this back that is classic the spotlight!

Limoncello Stress Yield

While Limoncello 28 is a hybrid that is balanced it grows more like a sativa, reaching tall heights with thin leaves. The yields from this weed that is hybrid are high, particularly if the growing conditions in a backyard operation enable maximum growth.

Most of times, growers could keep their flowers more workable and top their high-reaching sativa flowers to encourage more lateral development and give a wide berth to the 10 legs high Christmas-tree look.

Indoor growers may also place Limoncello towards the test, they have enough vertical space to cater to this tall


Flowering although they need to ensure Time

Limoncello has a flowering time of around 60-70 days for full maturity. Growers who can expose their Limoncello crop to temperatures that are cold the first phases of flowering will stimulate the faculties that create deep purples into the mature buds. Otherwise, the buds could be the typical hue that is green

The nugs will be compact and coated with orange hairs and a glaze of milky-white and amber trichomes.

Since this strain isn’t known for excessively high THC levels, growers should use their discretion on when to harvest their bud. Milky-white trichomes are higher in THC but amber trichomes produce more of a physical body high.

Limoncello 28 Strain THC Percentage

This ganja strain features THC levels hovering around 16percent. It somewhere between 14-18% THC if you find some Limoncello 28 bud in a local dispensary you’ll probably find. This means that those with a tolerance that is high desire to look somewhere else.

For ordinary people, that is an bud that is enjoyable isn’t easy to overdo. It’s perfect for beginners and those who aren’t looked for a psychoactive that is deep.

The High is neither sleepy nor energizing. Instead, consumers will be able to enjoy an experience that is uplifting provides a little bit of psychological quality along side a good feeling of real leisure. it is perhaps not a bake and wake variety or a cure for insomnia. Smoke it any time of the day for a experience that is smooth

Strain Flavor & Aroma

The essence of Limoncello is like its parent-strains Lemonade and Cherry Pie. There clearly was a blend of lemons and tart cherries to create a nice aroma and flavor.

Limoncello 28 has a terpene that is unique, unlike most popular strains today. This blend that is unique entice newcomers and seasoned smokers to try it out for a taste of something different.

It is rich in Pinene, Myrcene, and Terpinolene.cannabisPinene is known to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Myrcene is a terpene that is relaxing in abundance in


Terpinolene is well known to create uplifting impacts in users.

As You can see, the basis is provided by the terpenes for the uplifting, yet relaxing high that Limoncello provides. It also shows some benefits for medicinal usage.cannabisMedical Conditions This Pot Strain Can HelpCBDMedical marijuana patients who are looking for less THC in their medical-grade

, Limoncello may be a choice that is good. Whilst not a

  • -dominant stress, it offers less psychoactive properties than numerous heavy-hitting strains that dominate industry today.
  • Limoncello can be utilized for the next conditions:
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Depression
  • PMS
  • Arthritis

FatiguecannabisChronic Stress

Limoncello made waves in the* that is( industry over a decade ago, but it still offers a lot of medicinal marijuana users!cannabisFinal Words On The Limoncello Strain

In this Limoncello 28 review, we looked at a heralded cannabis strain from over a decade ago. The THC levels are much lower than most of the strains that are popular, nonetheless it nevertheless has its uses. It’s an evenly balanced hybrid that may be blazed whenever you want of time, unlike many specific ganja strains nowadays that either place you to rest or supply a racy high.

Sometimes, the classics aren’t as powerful, nonetheless they remain top-notch (*) that may be well worth a go on it, even it’s just to compare to new-age pot strains.(* if you can get your hands)

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