New Red Bison Cannabis dispensary holds successful and busy grand opening

Local 3rd-generation businessman and restaurateur Chad Cacy and his business partner Tammi Reed-Barnett, a mental health first aid responder, have opened the Red Bison Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary at 1195 New Sapulpa Road (on the east side of Mission, in the strip center just south of La Margarita).

The name came to them from the vivid red walls inside the shop and larger-than-life bison sculpture marking the entrance into town across the street. The interior is reminiscent of an old-time general store while also being sleek and modern, with display cases and shelves containing their multitude of products.

Entering the store one feels an ambiance that is warm and welcoming, and it radiates a “homey feeling” that Cacy and Reed-Barnett hope each customer experiences during their time there.

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the wide variety of products available, such as concentrates, edibles, buds, promotional items, and more, and are happy to discuss the various features of each. The dispensary is an ideal destination for true connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Cacy relates how he was running three restaurants at a time—Cacy’s BBQ in Jenks, Cacy’s BBQ in Sapulpa, and Patriot Cafe—and was overwhelmed and stressed. “I was making a lot of money, but had no time for anything else.”

Although he was not a user of marijuana products, when a concerned employee urged him to try something to alleviate his stress and anxiety, he did, and became a believer. He sold the Sapulpa BBQ restaurant to his father and began the process of opening a dispensary. “This is my therapy,” he told Sapulpa Times.

Reed-Barnett and Cacy say their idea was to “create what we knew we would want to see” in a dispensary, and that their goal is to “break the stigma” of negative connotations of marijuana and to “bring some unity to the community.”

Cacy also has plans to open a hookah lounge next to the dispensary, possibly as soon as April. He says “it will be done correctly” and not rushed, so it may take a little longer than expected before it’s fully operational.

On Saturday, January 30 Red Bison held an immensely successful Grand Opening for the public, complete with vendors, games, prizes, and raffles. Cacy estimates almost 2,700 people attended throughout the day.

For more information about Red Bison Cannabis visit their Facebook page, their website, email them at [email protected], or call or text 918-347-9434. They are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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