Things to Do In Everett While High With Friends

If the best thing in life is getting stoned, the second best thing is finding fun things to do while high with friends. With marijuana involved, even watching paint dry can be interesting, which makes cannabis the number one intoxicant of choice for groups of bored people. In the Everett, Washington area there are a number of events and activities perfect for those moments when your smoke sesh is trying to decide what to do after passing the bong around—just be sure not to cause too much of a scene when you’re blazed out of your mind in public and to have a designated driver.

Colors of Freedom Festival

Every year for the Fourth of July, an annual fireworks festival is held at Legion Park, where you can catch a beautiful view of the Puget Sound. Fireworks are trippy on their own, so the experience is ten times more intense when you’re extremely stoned. Take a hit and then watch the symphony of colors explode in the sky. This is the perfect kind of event for a weed-infused date or a great way to end a kickback. There are few better places to celebrate the Fourth of July, so make your plans now and don’t miss out.

Music at the Marina

Music at the Marina

Food trucks are hot right now, and Everett’s Music at the Marina events provide a weekly venue for interesting trucks to show off their unique craft recipes. You can enjoy the sights of Everett Marina, listen to some phenomenal music from a variety of bands that rotate weekly, and eat some delicious food all at the same time. For stoners who just want a positive setting to bask in their high, an event like this is simply paradise. While this is definitely one of those things to do while high with friends, Music at the Marina attracts all kinds of people from around the area, so it’s a great place to socialize and meet new people if you can still feel your face.

Upper Left Beerfest

Upper Left Beerfest

This is obviously a 21 and over event—so no kids allowed. Everett’s on-and-off Upper Left Beerfest is one of the coolest craft beer festivals in the state. In 2018, the festival will be held on September 7th-8th in downtown. There will be craft beer and cider samples from brewers all across Washington and food trucks to pair with your libations. While Upper Left Beerfest has been successful in Everett before, this time they will be featuring over 30 different breweries, so start preparing your liver now. Be sure to err on the side of caution, though. While mixing marijuana and alcohol is safe in moderation, it may cause you to act a fool in front of hundreds of people.

Everett Art Walk

Definitely one of Everett’s more intriguing ongoing events, the Everett Art Walk encourages people to explore art galleries in the city while also highlighting some of the amazing eateries in town. From 6 to 10 PM on the third Thursday of each month, you can follow a map around town through participating local galleries and other businesses to mini-events taking place across the urban landscape. This is a great event if you’re someone who likes to get moving and engage themselves after a long toke on some superb sativa. The combination of fine art, good food, and a nice stroll through downtown Everett will be enough to satisfy any itch for something interesting. And this is also one of the cooler things to do while high with friends. In fact, your group will probably be impressed that you dragged them to something so hip.

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