Meditating with Cannabis – A Beginner’s Guide to Puff, Puff, Om

Meditating with Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide

guide to marijuana and meditation

The effect of cannabis when it comes to elevating the mind and interacting with consciousness has long been a crucial topic. The cannabinoids embedded in cannabis have a special relationship with the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This special relationship has brought about the use of cannabis in meditation. However, meditation with cannabis is not something that anyone can just dabble into. It can be very dangerous to the user if it is not properly done. This is why in this article, I’ll provide you with all there is to know about meditating with cannabis. I’ll also provide you with tips that will help to improve the experience.

Meditation and Cannabis

To fully understand the special relationship that exists between cannabis and meditation, we have to go as far back as ancient times. Cannabis has always had a special role in the life of man especially when it comes to spiritual connection and consciousness. Different cultures around the world have always included it in their spiritual exercises. We can only assume that the reason for this is because of its effects in opening the consciousness of the mind. Records show that Indian and Nepal vedics in 2000BC used cannabis for spiritual purposes. It was also used in Ethiopia in the fourteenth century for spiritual practices. Other cultures that have used cannabis for its effect on consciousness include Ancient Japan and the Jamaicans.

The relationship that exists between cannabis and meditation is so much more than getting a regular high. The characteristic effect of THC in cannabis is to facilitate the euphoric feeling that cannabis users love so much is the foundation of it all. However, it should be noted that there are other cannabinoids in cannabis like CBD that can influence the mind way beyond getting high. When CBD is properly utilized, the user doesn’t just let loose with cannabis, instead, it helps you regain control while being completely free and relaxed. These mind-blowing effects are what make cannabis suitable for meditation.

The herb helps to open up the consciousness of users. It also improves the level of awareness of users. This complements the goal of the meditation process because it amplifies the subconscious and uplifts suppressed emotions. With this, users can know more about themselves and safely explore. The most astonishing part of all this is that despite all the benefits of cannabis to meditation, there is still so much that is not yet known. Cannabis can be used to meditate through the traditional methods or via newer meditation techniques; examples include the use of floatation tanks and brainwave entrainment.

How to go about meditation using cannabis

Before we go into the steps, dos, and don’ts of meditating with cannabis, we must talk about what to expect. It is very important that users understand that meditating with cannabis is a personal experience. Therefore, users should expect a very unique experience that might not necessarily be the same as what others experienced. The consciousness to be explored is yours which means that the quality of your experience depends on you. You have the leverage to go to safe depths that you can reach and explore.

When you want to go about meditating with cannabis, the setting and your mindset have a role to play in the outcome of the process. First, you must decide whether you want the process to be personal or you want to go through it with friends. Both are very beneficial, however, one downside that is common with meditating with friends is that they can distract you. This distraction can hinder the progress and success of the activity which is why it is best done alone. Meditation is best done in a serene environment and when cannabis is added to the mix, the puzzles of the mind open. Music suitable for meditation can also help as sounds have a special effect on emotions and the mind. Some prefer yoga and cannabis for relaxation.

The other thing to take care of when meditating with cannabis is your mindset. It is important that you let your mind be free. The weight of unresolved responsibilities will always be a huge burden that will prevent effective meditation. This is why it is advisable to ensure that all responsibilities are cleared before embarking on the journey. If the mind is not burdened with such responsibilities, there is room for proper exploration.

Tips when meditating with cannabis

Choose the right method of consumption

When it comes to meditating with cannabis, the method of consumption is very important. There is no particular method that cannot be used for meditating with cannabis as they all have their advantages. Smoking is very common as it has a fast onset of action and the effects kick in very early into the exercise, edibles can also be used as their effects are felt for longer periods compared to smoking. This can be very beneficial as the effects will kick in just as the meditation process is reaching the more important phases. So, the decision on the method depends on the user and the effects he/she desires.

Choose the right strain for meditation

It should be noted that the cannabis strain used determines the type of effect felt. This is why the right strain must be used to avoid unwanted effects. A strain with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD is the most suitable for meditation. CBD helps to unlock the mind and promote relaxation while THC helps to provide the needed level of alertness and energy to push the process. It is advisable to experiment with different strains before eventually choosing what works best.

Let go and enjoy the process

A crucial factor that commonly affects the meditation process is personal inhibitions and restraints. They limit the effectiveness of the process and often produce undesirable results. When meditating with cannabis, ensure that you relax your muscles, joints as well as the mind. Once the body and the mind are clear of restraints, the beauty of meditation becomes clear to see.

Bottom line

If you’re one of those that haven’t used cannabis for meditation, you have been missing out on a whole lot. Try it and see how much cannabis will improve your meditation process. It opens you up to a whole new world of immense peace and balance.







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