Top 10 Best Vape Shops in Memphis, Tennessee

Raw Vibez Smoke Shop

2389 Lamar Ave Ste101, Memphis, TN 38114, United States

About: Raw Vibez Smoke Shop is Memphis’s hottest new Smoke Shop offering new & invigorating products and merchandise.

Products Being Offered: Vape, CBD, premium cigars, Juul, pipes,glass hand pipes, water pipes, rigs, bubblers and chillums, wide selection of hookahs, shisha and coals. All your smoking equipment including papers, covers, lighter glass tips, torches, butanes, grinders, ash trays, poker, glass and silicone jars, stash cans, ETC cupboards is supplied.

Target Customers: People who want to get an alternative to harmful pharmaceutical drugs in a cost-effective way. Also, those people who want to have a great selection of CBD Products.

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