Khronix a Hemp Cannabis and CBD Brand Launches December 01, 2020

Khronix is a cannabis brand that embodies freedom and supplies the nation with high potency CBD products

SANTEE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2020 / — Khronix is a cannabis brand that embodies freedom.

Freedom of self-expression, freedom from persecution while using cannabis and freedom from chronic pain and inflammation.

We put every ounce of our energy into making first class products that help support and motivate people through their lives. Whether it is to relax, socialize, mend, or stay healthy.

We believe in the healing powers of cannabis and we built Khronix to stay true to the intrinsic nature of the plant.

Khronix is an agent for social good, we are a socially responsible company that has built community support into our business. Not only from a bottom-line percentage of profits, but also in the donation of our time and energy into valuable community initiatives. It is in our nature to be a woven community that denounces oppression and builds personal freedoms in all areas of life. Khronix is proud to be a piece of this movement.

So what does hemp cannabis have to do with marijuana?

One it is the same plant just without THC and It is the first step in legalizing cannabis in all forms across the USA and Khronix wants to show the world how positive a cannabis

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