Arizona announces draft rules for adult, recreational marijuana sales

Arizona health officials have begun writing the rules for marijuana retailers the state will oversee following the passage of Proposition 207, which legalized adult, recreational use.

Sales of the drug could begin in the spring.

The election results were made official Nov. 30, meaning it’s now legal for adults to possess as much as an ounce of marijuana and grow six plants at home, or 12 if there is more than one adult in the home.

But setting up the licensing and oversight of retail shops that sell the drug will take a few months.

Public can weigh in

The Department of Health Services on Thursday announced draft rules, much of which remain to be written, along with a survey asking the public what they like and what they see as deficient in the draft. The survey will be open until Dec. 17.

The regulation of recreational marijuana sales looks to follow the framework of the medical-marijuana program, which voters approved in 2010 and is regulated by the health department.

Health department spokesman Steve Elliott said Friday that the state anticipates meeting the statutory deadlines within the measure, despite the COVID-19 pandemic that is taking much of the department’s attention. [Read More @ AZ Central]

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