Second Medical Dispensary, Green Leaf Medical Of Virginia, Opens In Richmond

Green Leaf Medical of Virginia has opened its doors to registered patients seeking treatment in Richmond, VA. The first dispensary opened in Bristol, VA, by Dharma Pharmaceuticals in October 2020.

“With another processor open here in Virginia, accessibility to treatment is even easier. This is exciting news for medical cannabis patients across the state,” Katie Hellebush, executive director of the Virginia Medical Cannabis Coalition, said in a statement with the Associated Press.

Green Leaf, also known as gLeaf, has experience in cultivation, extraction with retail, specializing in products like flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates (including vape cartridges), and solid concentrates. The long-awaited opening of the gLeaf facility required time since it’s marijuana is grown on location in Richmond. “We celebrate every harvest, but we celebrate that first one, especially. It’s significant for [us] because this is the first time [we’ve] got to see these plants grow all the way through their cycle and take that material down.” CEO Phillip Goldberg gushed to the Capitan’s Log.

Green Leaf has facilities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The company is currently in the process of adding five additional dispensaries to its license. Medical marijuana‘s progress has the favorable amongst dispensaries following its expansion by Gov. Ralph Northam.

In early 2015, the state passed low-THC medical cannabis laws for individuals with intractable epilepsy or guardians of those who have intractable epilepsy, with no more than 5 percent THC. Until its expansion in 2018, products derived from marijuana remained illegal in the state.


In March 2018, Gov. Northam signed a bill expanding the program to extend past persons diagnosed with epilepsy, but all patients that could benefit from cannabis. A year later, in March 2019, Governor Northam then signed SB 1557, allowing Virginians to obtain a certificate for the use of THC-A and other cannabinoid products from licensed practitioners. Also, expanding the type of accessible products to include oils, capsules, patches, lollipops, up to 10mg of THC-A.

As for the future of Green Leaf in Virginia, CEO Phillip Goldberg further indulged in an interview with The Capitan’s Log, “We’ll be opening five additional dispensaries in the Richmond health service area, which comprises approximately 1.4 million individuals in and around the Richmond area,” Furthermore, gLeaf plans to make medical cannabis more available to its customers with its home delivery service. “We operate one of the most robust home delivery operations in the states where we currently operate and where they allow home delivery. So that’s something we’re really excited about.”

Goldberg expects the revenue from the addition of the VA dispensary to grow to $160 million in 2021 and to $250 million in 2022. Green Leaf has pending applications in New Jersey and West Virginia, with interest in Georgia and Colorado.

Earlier this week, Gov. Northam introduced his plan towards legalizing marijuana for the state in 2021, with an estimated $300 million per year (by year five) and potentially adding 11,000 jobs within retail.

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