Inhaling CBD Flower… Good or Bad?

inhaling CBD flower

inhaling CBD flower

Inhaling CBD Flower, Is It Bad For You?

CBD flower… Over the past few years, cannabis has grown in popularity along with CBD. Both of these are known for providing people with beneficial effects and are beginning to become more accepted across the country. But some products people steer clear from because they carry negative connotations.

Some people believe that the products you inhale are bad for your lungs and your body. People might think this because they are comparing vapor inhalation to smoking a pack of cigarettes, but the differences are astonishing, and they are far from the same. CBD inhalers allow you to feel the benefits of CBD just like all of the other CBD products on the market, so why would people be hesitant to try them?

CBD Flower: A Tranquil Experience

Before we can talk about what CBD inhalers and vaporizers, it’s important to know what CBD is and what it’s supposed to do. CBD comes from the hemp plant, this cannabidiol has been separated from all the other so you are meant to solely get the therapeutic benefits.

This is done also to separate CBD from THC, which is the part of the plant responsible for causing the euphoric feeling, in other words, a “high”. When these have been separated and you get pure CBD you can be assured you won’t get that feeling. CBD is meant to have remedial properties that may provide relief.

This natural product is meant to alleviate anxiety and depression. CBD may also help reduce soreness from aching joints and painful muscles. CBD is used for the therapeutic properties it has and when used as an inhaler or vaporizer it may be able to provide more relaxation. So why are people hesitant about trying these methods?

Cigarettes VS CBD Flower

What do you think of when you hear inhaler or vaporizer? Do you assume it is the same as smoking a cigarette or think it might have the same effects on your body? Smoking cigarette’s in excessive amounts can lead to lung cancer and also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Along with the disease’s, smoking can cause, it can also increase the risk of other dangerous diseases. So, it’s important to discuss the difference between smoking cigarettes and using a CBD inhaler.

First, the degree at which a cigarette burns is much higher than inhaling CBD. A cigarette tip can get up to 900° Celsius (1652° Fahrenheit) with this getting so hot, it allows for chemicals to be released such as tobacco, nicotine, formaldehyde, lead, and many other harmful chemicals. When using a CBD vaporizer, the temperature varies but the temperature can range up to about 356° Fahrenheit.

With a significant reduction in temperature compared to cigarette’s this allows for some companies to try to implement a no burn process which allows for no chemicals to be burned. So, with a clearer understanding of how smoking cigarettes and CBD vaporizers differ from each other, it’s time to understand the different ways to use a CBD vaporizer.

CBD Oil And CBD Flower

There are many factors that go into choosing the best one for you, but to begin with, the CBD oil that is used for vaping is not the same that is used as a topical treatment or ingested, you must use a vape juice. So which one is better? The flower or the oil? To begin with, although both are natural, sometimes you can buy fake CBD vape oil when it is marketed as real. So it is important that is you choose to go the route of oil, that you ensure it is 100% real.

What happens is some companies are adding synthetics and other chemicals to their oils but marketing it as real, this is why some are sold at much cheaper rates. Along with this, flavor plays a factor in deciding between the two. The flower has a strong flavor because it is giving you the heated flower that is inside your vape or inhaler. The oil has a bit more sugary flavor and you can choose different flavors.

Another factor is the cost when choosing between the two. You won’t want to shy away from paying full price for these CBD products to ensure you get the best product, but which one tends to be more expensive? The process CBD oil/ vape juice has to go through to be considered completely pure is extensive causing it to not be the cheapest on the market, so although the flower isn’t cheap it can be not as expensive. So although these are good to know, it is important to know, which one is the safest for your body?

Looking Out For Your Lungs

Although it may seem like minimal differences when deciding between vaping CBD oil or the flower, the differences can be rather distinctive. Choosing the flower will give you an overall more natural experience because it is the plant itself. This option has proven to also be a healthier option for your lungs whereas the oil can have a more negative effect on your lungs.

Why Choose An Inhaler?

So you might be thinking, why choose an inhaler over all the other CBD products that are on the market? With a growing market you are sure to find something that may work for you, but what is it that set’s CBD inhalers apart from the pack?

By inhaling the CBD flower it is entering your system much faster than other some products such as topical ones like CBD lotions, and CBD creams. The effects vary on how long they will affect you for and how long you may feel the therapeutic benefits for but it is an efficient way to see results faster and many people also see improved relaxation from a CBD inhaler vs topical products.

So how does a CBD inhaler and flower compare to CBD oil? Because that can be ingested as well. A CBD inhaler is more accessible throughout the day or whenever you want to use it as well as having the luxury of not measuring out the amount of oil you need to be taking.

A dry-herb inhaler may give you the luxury of having more relaxation and seeing it at a sooner rate than with other CBD products that are on the market. There is also a wide range of inhalers to pick from, but a top brand can allow you to feel the therapeutic benefits but ensure you’re doing so in the safest way possible.

Clouded Judgement

Often when people hear the words, inhaling and vaporizers, their minds go to smoking and all the possible diseases that can come from that. Along with that when people hear CBD, sometimes people can think of stoners and assume it is linked to getting people high if they don’t know CBD doesn’t contain THC and is used for its therapeutic properties.

This is a stigma that is associated with these words and people’s minds often jump to these other judgments when they shouldn’t be associated at all. This negative association can scare people away from trying these products when they really, aren’t anything close to those other more dangerous, unpredictable products. A CBD inhaler may be just what you need to add to your weekly routine or even daily life, so how do you know if it’s right for you?

Should You Add CBD To Your Routine?

So, how can you determine if you should be adding a dry-herb inhaler to your routine? CBD may help ease the anxiety you are possibly experiencing or possibly reduce stress. If this isn’t a big problem for you it may just overall improve your relaxation. CBD may also assist in easing depression.

CBD has proven to not only be successful in providing relaxation but also in reducing pain in joints and muscles, so if this is something you struggle with, CBD may help you. Overall, using CBD may benefit you in more ways than one. Using an inhaler or vaporizer may help reduce these things you are experiencing and allow you to unwind after a long day, or reduce stress before a big day.

Ensuring Safety First

Since we have established using the flower is the best option in terms of your health, its now important to figure out the best way to vaporize it. With this way to use CBD, you might be thinking don’t all companies make their products the same? While some are similar, there are others that pay special attention to ensure their product is as safe as possible for inhalation. So what should you be looking for?

As we mentioned earlier, something that contributes to the way inhaling or smoking something affects your body and can potentially cause disease is the temperature at which it burns. Luckily, many of these vaporizers burn at about the same range, but some companies go the extra mile to ensure that their products don’t burn. So you might be wondering how can you inhale anything if it is not being burned? What they do is instead, they heat it. This allows for the CBD to still become heated and the product to still be released but no unnecessary chemicals are being released in the process, that could expose you.

Continued Maintenance

Although using the complete natural flower for inhaling CBD may be the safer option, it does require maintenance and upkeep of your inhaler, so how do you do this? Each CBD flower herbal vaporizer is different in how it is made so this changes the cleaning required but, they tend to be along the same lines.

Taking apart the vaporizer is the first step to ensure a thorough cleaning job, although not all of them have the same parts, most of them have a mouthpiece a heating chamber, and a battery. Before you can clean, it is important to empty out any of the flower/herb left in the chamber still. After this, you can move to the cleaning process. Using a Q-tip or a specific cleaning brush you will need to clean out the heating chamber, the screen inside the chamber, and the rest of the pieces you took apart. Although this too hard, it can be a hassle having to do it frequently, because it is necessary to ensure your vaporizer stays in good condition.

  • Singling One Out

So when it comes to buying a CBD inhaler or vaporizer, where do you look to buy one? And how can you ensure where you are buying it from is selling you something that is real? There are lots of products and companies out there, so let’s determine which one is right for you…

  • Researching the company- Although a company may claim to be selling all-natural dry hemp products, research to determine if it is real.
  • Compare and Contrast- Compare companies to one another, see what others have to offer that so might not, the health benefits that some have that others may not, and the extra steps some companies take to ensure it’s a natural and safe experience for their customers
  • Price matter- Quality products don’t come cheap, so it’s ok to spend a little more than you were expecting to ensure that you are getting a product that not only is doing its job but also won’t have any chemicals or unnecessary additives in it, you want it to be 100% authentic.
  • Deciding what works for you- Are you willing to do the maintenance required to keep the CBD vaporizer clean and in its best condition? If you don’t necessarily want to do all of the cleanings it requires so frequently, then you should look for a company that minimizes the cleaning process.

Benefiting Your Overall Health

Although CBD is used to provide therapeutic benefits, it may be able to do a bit more than that. CBD is meant to ease stress, anxiety, and also improve sleep. So if you begin using a dry-herb inhaler and start to see a reduction in your stress levels as well as your anxiety, this may impact you in other ways.

Stress and anxiety can affect you and your life in other ways in multiple ways. Excessive stress can begin to cause physical symptoms such as headaches, sickness, sleeping problems, affecting appetite, and so much more. Although CBD won’t cure all of this, it may be able to ease some of the excessive stress or anxiety you have been experiencing, which in turn might relieve some of these symptoms from excessive stress.

CBD may also help improve your sleeping habits. Lack of sleep can also lead to physical and mental responses that aren’t positive such as problems focusing and thinking, mood changes, decreased appetite, and much more. This can begin to affect your productivity at work, and in your daily life.

So, adding a dry-herb inhaler to your routine might be just what you need. It might be able to improve your sleeping habits, and maybe get you back on track so you can go back to being productive and have a clear head at work, or in the classroom.

Checking All The Boxes

When narrowing down your options for what you should be looking for in your dry-herb inhaler, it might seem like your options are pretty limited. When picking a product like this, it’s okay to be picky because you only want to be putting something natural and as harmless as possible into your body. Although some companies may check off some boxes, they might not check off others.

The key takeaways and important things to be looking for may seem like a lot but when you break it down, it all is to ensure you are getting the highest quality product as well as something that isn’t too much upkeep. You should be looking for something that uses the natural flower, as this is the best option in terms of your health and for your lungs. You should also be looking for something that has the maintenance upkeep you are willing to do.

Next, it might be beneficial to look for a product that has premeasured dosages, because not everyone knows how much they should be using. Another important factor is to ensure the product is coming from a company that is dedicated to selling all-natural products. So, you might be thinking where on earth can you find a company that offers ALL of these things for a dry-herb inhaler?

Nava Pouch is a company that doesn’t offer just one or two of these things but all of them. They sell dry-herb inhalers that are of the highest quality. Nava Pouch inhalers are made with 100% natural flower every time and they pre-measure their doses of dry-herbs and package them so they are easily put in and taken out of the inhaler.

This allows for not only an easy process but practically no maintenance. They are also committed to no chemicals and no burning while their products are being used so you can feel confident that as you breathe in, you are breathing in relaxation and simply that. If you’re ready to try out a dry-herb inhaler check out for an easy, relaxing, and unforgettable experience.

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