Glucose Syrup Designed for use in Gummies Hits the Edibles Market


Sweetness. Elasticity and plasticity. Viscosity. Color, transparency and moisture. Glucose syrup is simple, but complex. Why such deep praise among edibles manufacturers for Pastry1 Glucose Syrup? The answer is: it’s perfect for gummies.

Pastry1 Glucose Syrup was developed over decades to have all the qualities gummymanufacturers need. It’s ideal sweetness comes from the narrowly regulated dextrose equivalent, which is 100% consistent across each and every bucket. The right viscosity (43° Boume) for the gummy production process provides the ultimate workability. Pastry1 Glucose syrup retains more elasticity, and provides excellent plasticity, than generic glucose syrups. Transparent and colorless, Pastry1 Glucose Syrup is the ideal canvas upon which to craft the perfect infused gummies. With long shelf-life, an ability to retain humidity and moisture in the final product, and excellent value, Pastry1 Glucose Syrup has become the go-to for edibles manufacturers.

“There are some great companies making infused gummies. Combining our top-notch glucose syrup with their knowledge of cannabis makes perfect sense,” said Colin Deschamps, Sales Manager at Paris Gourmet, which owns the Pastry1 brand. Manufacturers interested in trying Pastry1 glucose syrup can request free samples here:


Established in 1983, Paris Gourmet is headquartered in Carlstadt, New Jersey and is a leading specialty foodservice importer of gourmet and pastry ingredients nationwide. Paris Gourmet owns the Pastry1 brand.

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