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TAMPA — Proleve Distribution, a Tampa based manufacturer of all-natural CBD products, plans to hire 20 people to support a period of hyper-growth.

Founded in 2017, Proleve, which produces and distributes products containing the hemp extract CBD, or Cannabidiol, will close out 2020 at $5 million in annual revenue, according to a statement. That’s up 178% from $1.8 million in 2019. To keep up with growing demand, Proleve is now in the early stages of building a new distribution center near Tampa International Airport, the release adds. New jobs added in the coming weeks will help support operations at the facility, as well as at the company’s existing South Tampa headquarters, which will be converted into a retail store.

“In a year that’s been marked with challenges for so many companies and industries, we’re pleased that Proleve has not only been able to withstand such challenges, but overall has actually been able to thrive in this environment,” Proleve Founder and President Jonathan Solomon says in the statement. “With that in mind, we’ve been working really hard to seize this opportunity in order to further position our growth.”

Earlier this year, Proleve became among the first CBD companies to be officially licensed and certified by Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services under new regulations. The certification makes Proleve an official state-approved source for food products containing CBD, in addition to being FDA-registered, the release states.

“Having this official status within the state of Florida has meant an added sense of security for our customers,” Solomon says. “It’s turned out to be an important piece of the puzzle this year, even more so than expected, with sales jumping as our products have offered a sense of relief for those who have faced hardship in 2020.”

“During the peak of COVID-19 earlier this year, we were more focused on keeping jobs safe,” Solomon adds. “Now that we see the full extent of how our business plays into the economic recovery of this region, we’re glad to be adding more jobs and serving as a catalyst for growth.”

Proleve’s products are sold in stores nationwide and worldwide. Its products, including tincture, topicals, capsules and bath bombs are all vegan, kosher-certified, third-party lab tested and 100% natural.

Source: https://www.businessobserverfl.com/article/cbd-firm-on-high-growth-track-surpasses-dollar5m-in-sales

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