Weed Storage Essentials- How To Make Your Bud Last Longer

Weed users are most concerned about keeping their herb fresh and making it last longer. After all, stepping out to shop every other day doesn’t make sense, particularly during the current pandemic season. Even if you order online, you would want to stock up for a few weeks with a single order. Once you get the products home, you need to go the extra mile with safe storage as air, moisture and light can have dramatic effects on your bud. A lack of proper storage can turn fresh and aromatic herb into a dry pile of dust. Here are a few weed storage guidelines that can help you keep your bud fresh for weeks.

Store in airtight containers

Moisture keeps the herb fresh, but it can quickly evaporate if you leave your weed out in the open. You will have only dried out bud, which gets pretty harsh to smoke. When it comes to storage protocol for cannabis flowers, sealed glass jars make a great option. You can opt for ceramic as well. Tightly sealed containers are the best because they prevent anything from coming in or going out. They not only keep the bud from drying but also preserve the terpenes that give aroma and therapeutic properties to the herb. Storage in airtight containers also lock in the flavor, so you need not worry about the integrity of the product even after storing it for weeks.

Store in a cool and dark place

Apart from choosing the right container, you also have to be careful about storing it away from light. If you plan to shop bulk weed canada, there are plenty of options around, but you must be aware about exposure and temperatures as well. Direct light can wreak havoc on the herb, so ensure that you prevent exposure. Invest in some opaque or blacked-out jars. They will protect the product from exposure to light and maintain its quality over time. Also, choose a cool and dark place to store the containers because high temperatures are also harmful to weed. A place that is consistently below 78ºF would be ideal for hiding your stash. Storing weed in the refrigerator is not a great idea because freezing temps can cause trichomes to become brittle and disintegrate when handled.

Ensure humidity control

Humidity is another factor to be careful about when it comes to maintaining the quality of your bud over time. Relative humidity of between 59% and 63% is recommended for safe storage. If you store it in high-humidity conditions, there are chances of mold growth in the herb. A cannabis humidor is a good investment if you often buy bulk supplies of weed because these containers prevent humidity and keep your stuff safe and fresh for weeks. You can also add a humidity pack to the container to ensure freshness and prevent mold growth over prolonged periods.

Your weed is precious, and you would want it to stay good for an extended time. Just paying attention to proper storage can help you keep the bug fresh, aromatic, and flavorful for as long as you expect. Follow these simple tips, and you are good to go!

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