CBD Samples Club Helps Consumers Discover the Benefits of CBD

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CBD has become a household name, but the true understanding of this compound is regularly met with misconceptions. Unfortunately, this confusion has deterred people from exploring the potential benefits that they could experience. So, what exactly is CBD?

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CBD is a natural compound found in the Hemp plant. CBD is commonly mistaken with THC, which is found in marijuana and known to make people feel high. While the Hemp and marijuana plants are related, CBD differs from THC in that it does not have the capacity to make users feel high. In fact, CBD is federally legal and regulated. To ensure compliance, lab tests to detect THC are performed to verify that CBD products are clean and do not have the ability to make users high.

Between a global pandemic, an intense election, protests, and economic pressure, it’s no wonder stress levels are at an all-time high. The good news is that CBD may serve as a holistic solution to curb this surge of negativity. Advocates state the use of CBD helps them to stay centered and retain a positive outlook. Athletes enjoy CBD for their workouts, while senior citizens tout it as an important component of their active lifestyle.

With this in mind, Darrin Chase determined there was no better time to make CBD more accessible and easy to understand. By creating CBD Samples Club, a quarterly subscription box featuring samples of CBD products from leading brands, Chase has allowed those interested in CBD to discover the benefits with ease, confidence, and expert guidance. Each samples box comes with detailed information about every product delivered, along with a guide on how to use CBD.

“We created CBD Samples Club to provide consumers with an affordable way to discover the benefits of CBD. With so many brands and different ways to enjoy CBD, we knew people needed an inexpensive way to try a variety of products to find what works best for their personal needs,” said Darrin Chase, founder and CEO.

Those who order a quarterly subscription box from CBD Samples Club, get a free membership to their club and access to an online store where they can purchase full-size products of the samples they enjoyed with a 20-40% members-only discount. To discover the benefits of CBD and order a CBD samples box, visit https://cbdsamplesclub.com/

About CBD Samples Club

CBD Samples Club is a premier CBD subscription box sent quarterly to its members across the nation. Founded in 2020, the company is on a mission to take the guesswork out of this booming industry by providing an honest, reliable avenue to educate the public about these beneficial products. Featuring leading brands, such as CBDfx and re+PLAY, all products associated with CBD Samples Club are screened to ensure they have been tested for safety and federal compliance. Learn more at https://cbdsamplesclub.com/.

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CBD Samples Club

CBD subscription box filled with samples from leading brands.

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