Cannabis Pathogen Detection – Cannabis Oil

As a new industry, the widespread manufacturing of cannabis products has produced an evolving list of regulations. Currently, microbial contamination testing guidelines vary by region. Coupled with short testing deadlines, this has led to inconsistencies with varying sample sizes and product types. The lack of standardized methods for detection of pathogens could pose a potential health risk to consumers. For consumer safety, product quality and brand protection, robust, reliable testing is essential.

GeneDisc® Technology: 3 simple steps for effective pathogen testing

Pall is constantly evolving and adapting to change with the industry. The GeneDisc system can provide fast and accurate microbial detection or quantification in only three simple steps.

Step 1: Extract DNA

Step 2: Fill the GeneDisc plate

Step 3: Run the Real-Time PCR test

The GeneDisc cycler offers a solution for testing filterable and non-filterable samples by utilizing consumable plates, with minimal operator intervention required. Designed for routine use, the GeneDisc solution is easy to use and can run tests in less than an hour.

Other advantages include:

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Pall Corporation does not support, encourage or promote the use of its products or services in connection with any illegal use, cultivation or trade of cannabis or cannabis products. Pall products are intended to be used for cannabis related purposes only in compliance with all applicable laws in a manner that promotes public safety and/or in connection with any lawful and approved scientific or research activities.

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