AMCO’s Review of Delta Medical Cannabis’s Alt Raspberry Bellini #3

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~ This 1.5 gram Hybrid strain sample gets its genetics from crossing Lemon Tree x Do-Si-Dos and is labeled at 17.7% total THC and 0.035% CBD. It was harvested on 9-3-20 and tested 10-6-20. This sample was bought at House of cannabis in Little Rock.

The Look

~ The look rates 7 out of 10. The colors on this sample are crazy! The foliage ranges from dark purple to a light pink spread across the popcorn size pieces of flower. Surprisingly there is very little green color! I wish I could see a large bud but this was all that was available and I felt lucky to get it!

The Smell

~ The smell rates 9 out of 10. The nose on this flower is as wild as the coloration. Strawberry and dark berry scents are present. Mizus oo7 brought me some raspberry flavored syrup and I found the resemblance amazing! I would say its a mixture of sweet pine and raspberry that becomes more noticable with each opening of the jar.

The Cure

~ The cure rates 10 out of 10! The tricombs are all present and not decapitated. There are more amber tricombs than I have seen on other strains of Arkansas products.

The Taste

~ The taste rates a perfect 10 out of 10 as well! I rolled a half gram dose in an OCB Virgin paper. I tasted the spiciness of Caryophyllene, the notorious pine flavor of Pinenene, and a strange berry melody. The list of terpene quantification that the dispensary emailed me also listed Terpinolene and Humulene, both of which taste like spice, the lavender tasting Linalool, and the skunky Myrecene. The skunkiness of Myrecene is the least of the flavors I detect.

The Effect

~ The effect rates 7 out of 10. One of the parents of this flower is nearly all Indica. I’m for sure getting an Indica effect. The euphoria is strong and fairly short lived. The muscle relaxation was achieved half way thru the joint. The body effect is there but less intense of a sedation as I expected with the amount of amber tricombs present.


~ Overall in my high opinion, this averages out to 9 out of 10. I’m proud of Delta Medical Cannabis paying for the terpene quantification’s and for the dispensary employee emailing me a copy of the Steep Hill report. Code AMCO for 10 % off

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