A Discord server for Inkdrop users and indie app developers

Hi, it’s Takuya. I’m thrilled to announce that my Discord server is now available! I have several reasons to start the chat server, so let me talk about them.

Recently, Inkdrop v5 has been released and I’m so happy to see people like it. The user community has become more active to develop plugins. Then, a few users told me that they want a place where people can help each other. Jack is one of the users who suggested that and invited me to his productivity tool community called “The Productivists”, and I found that it’s interesting. They are hanging around there, searching for good apps for their productivity, and discussing how to leverage them. I was not a big fan of chatting apps like Slack but I learned from them and considered what I can do with it for Inkdrop. I’m aware that some people have plugin ideas but don’t know how to build them. At the same time, some people want to create plugins but don’t have ideas to build. Besides, we have the user forum that is basically for reporting bugs and requesting features, but I saw there are some people struggling to understand how to use the app and even how to write Markdown. So, I thought it’d be great to have a place to share their knowledge. It’s time to connect people and foster the community.

On top of that, I started a vlog on YouTube where I’m talking about my solo development life (and to practice speaking English). I’m glad to see my videos are helpful for people. Then, I found Randy, an indie game developer, publishing his game development progress on his YouTube channel and live-streaming himself on Twitch. His work is so inspirational to me.

He has also his own Discord server with 10 thousand members(!). It is basically for indie game developers, and I thought it would be interesting to build something like this for indie SaaS developers. I would be very happy to welcome fellow solo developers.

So, here is my Discord server named “Dev as Life”:

As always, thank you for all your support. See you there.

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