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Getting Started

We provide a variety of different advertising solutions that allow you to connect with future customers in a way that’s best for your business.

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Welcome to Expedia Group Media Solutions

Expedia Group™ Media Solutions is the global digital advertising organizationof Expedia Group. We connect brands with hundreds of millions of travel consumers across our global network of leading travel e-commerce brands. We have more than 200 branded sites in 75 countries and 35 languages, with a total of 144 million monthly unique visitors worldwide.* With our first-class digital media experts, we provide marketing partners with proprietary data, strategic insights, precise targeting, dynamic advertising solutions and robust reporting to engage and convert our audience of travelers worldwide.

For more information on how to engage with the Media Solutions team, take a look at the pages below.


Looking to drive awareness, engagement or demand through display and self-service advertising? Media Solutions can help.


Harness billions of travel intent and booking data points to inform how you reach millions of highly engaged shoppers across our global network of travel sites.


Connect with a global travel audience that’s powered by a collection of over 200 branded websites

Our Advertisers

Media Solutions partners vary in size, and we work with both travel organizations and non-endemic advertisers.

Expert Team Support

Our team of marketing experts understand how to advertise your business. With decades of combined experience, they’re here to help you craft, execute, and optimize your campaigns across our variety of solutions.

Global Reach

With over 200 different sites in more than 75 countries, our advertising network can reach your customers when and where they’re making purchasing decisions.

Connect with our digital media consultants
to learn how to best engage, influence, and
convert your target travel audience.

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