“Dislikes” disappearing from DNC videos on YouTube

"Dislikes" disappearing from DNC videos on YouTube

Last Updated Aug 24th, 2020 at 12:29 pm

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s acceptance speech had its “Dislikes” outnumber “Likes” in real-time on YouTube. However, hours after the speech ended, some of the “Dislikes” began disappearing from the acceptance speech videos as well as other videos from the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Just the News reports, including a screen grab of a user experiencing the drop in “Dislikes”:

President Trump, who has for years accused the tech giants of bias against conservatives, responded to the report on Twitter, saying “Terrible!”:

“We have all these new metrics and we’re trying to figure out what they mean,” said data expert and pollster Scott Rasmussen. “And we know that there’s a lot of trolling that goes on with online social media platforms. So it’s hard to know how to interpret these numbers.”

Rasmussen said he “would assume somebody coordinated” efforts to “Dislike” the videos, but there’s “no way of knowing the mix” of people who coordinated it.

Neither representatives from Google nor the Biden campaign responded to requests for comment.

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