Tyler Cameron is ready to roast Matt James

Tyler Cameron is ready to roast Matt James

Tyler Cameron talked to FanSided about Verizon’s new 5G Mix & Match Unlimited plans, spending the summer on TikTok and getting ready to roast his Bachelor-history-making friend.

The pandemic may have delayed the new season of The Bachelorette, but Bachelor Nation is still having a big summer. From social media quarantine cams to the announcement of the first Black Bachelor, there’s been plenty to keep fans entertained.

Tangential to it all? Season 15 standout and hands-down fan favorite Tyler Cameron.

Cameron spoke to FanSided for Verizon in advance of the launch of the company’s new 5G Mix & Match Unlimited plans. Select plans will include Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ along with Apple Music and ultra-fast speeds and they’ve even made a handy Matchmaker Quiz to help you find your perfect (plan) partner!

Tyler Cameron interview: Verizon, Matt James and more

FanSided (Ashley Young): We’re excited to see you again. We have a little history. But before we dive into that, I want to talk about your partnership with Verizon. Verizon has this new 5G Mix and Match Unlimited Plan. What what can fans expect from that plan and your partnership with them?

Tyler Cameron: Um, so with Verizon, you know, I’m excited to get this thing going. Because my previous carrier left me out to dry quite a bit. And my friends often make fun of me, and I’m often using their Verizon phones to make it happen. And so there’s a mix and match quiz. And it kind of goes through — it’s like a dating quiz almost — it helps you find, you know, the phone plan that is right for you. And I did it. I took the quiz. I answer all the tough questions. It’s quick, it’s easy.

And it gave me the Play More Unlimited Plan, which is gonna help me with my phone service, which most important thing, but also, maybe my love life because I got Hulu now. I got Disney+, I got ESPN+ and I got Apple Music. So, you know I can I can have date nights with movies and TV shows and I can send a romantic playlist out so I’m happy with it.

So you’re all set with Verizon, they got you covered.

They got me covered in many facets.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. So I think the Hulu, the Disney+, that’s all a selling point right now because we’re all stuck at home.

Huge. That’s all we can do.

Well, you’ve been busy over quarantine. We got to see a lot of your life on TikTok, which was a lot of fun to watch a couple months ago when you in the “quarantine crew” got together. Give fans a little bit of an update of what that group has been up to since.

Yeah. So, you know, as you know, time has progressed, people have had to get back to their real jobs and things like that. I’m still looking for mine. So you know we’ve slowed down a little bit when we’re trying to pick it back up you know, we’re doing more some more TikToks, some more fun, but you know Matt’s had to get back to work with real estate, Katie’s been getting ready for teaching and Olivia is working for a makeup company. My youngest brother’s back at school.

So, you know, we haven’t really been on as much but we’re all, you know, getting back into it, getting back together and having fun with it.

Well, it was a lot of fun to watch. I think people were living vicariously through you guys having so much fun. I really enjoyed getting to know Matt, because we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of him soon.

We will! We are lucky to be seeing more of Matt. He’s a lot of fun and he’s a real treat, I promise.

Okay, so you’re talking a big game for Matt here.


What exactly can we expect? We saw him on TikTok. We saw him working out. Who’s the Matt that you know behind the scenes?

One thing about Matt, I promise you you’ll be smiling watching this season. Because Matt has a contagious smile, he’s got a contagious laugh. Like that’ll make you smile and laugh in itself, you know. So I’m excited for that.

But I’m excited for people to see a different side of him. They see the fun playful side with me all the time, but to see a more serious, more emotional and more, you know, see him actually show compassion for somebody in a romantic way.

I haven’t seen much of that myself either. So I’m excited to see what that entails.

I’m excited as well. I know that a lot of people after the show talk about rewatching their experience and it being a little cringey. Are you excited to rag on Matt? Are you guys gonna watch it together? I can only imagine.

I am going to tear him apart on Twitter.

Yeah, Ashley, I am going to tear him apart on Twitter. I think it is going to be a roast session every episode but out of love, you know. We can joke with each other but no, I’m excited to see him have this experience.

It’s a special experience and you do and say some crazy things so it’ll be funny to see it all unfold.

That’s reality TV.


But there’s a bond that comes out of it, you know?

No doubt.

We saw that here at FanSided, we invited a couple of The Bachelorette guys from your season for a little basketball tournament. It was a year ago.

Here you go.

And I wasn’t gonna bring it up. But I think we have to talk about it. Enough time has passed where I think we can talk about this openly.

Yes. And enough has happened since to further prove my case here.

Okay, that’s fair. That’s fair. Um, long story short, you lost. Talked a mean game, talked a big game and you got your butt kicked by Clay Harbor. Is this coming back to you?

So yes, here’s the backstory. First of all, I was in Paris. The week of.

Just a subtle flex there. “I was in Paris.” Okay.

I was out way too much in Paris with my little brother and then I had to go run a marathon two days later. So I’m playing, you know, Clay very depleted of all energy. A literally hopped off the plane and came to the game. Very depleted of energy, fluids and nutrients because I was having way too much fun in Paris, and then Clay whipped my butt. There’s no doubt about it.

Clay is like playing Shrek. He’s an ogre. He’s huge. He’s strong. You know, he fouls you. The ref needs glasses because he wasn’t calling a damn thing. But, you know, fast forward like three months later, we’re in New York City. Clay is in the city with us. And he’s got this girl who he is supposed to go out on a date with and I’m like Clay — I’m gonna try and convince Clay to come play on our basketball team because we need a sixth person for our men’s league game.

I’m like Clay, this girl is gonna love to see you in your tank top jersey and see you play basketball, and see how athletic you are. It’s going to be good for you. Me and Matt were like, yeah, brilliant. She’s gonna love that.

Well, Clay comes. He invites her to the game. She’s super sweet, awesome. Clay
comes to the game and makes a complete fool of himself. He fouls out the first half, he gets in an argument with the ref and has scored zero points.

Oh man.

So the second half, he gets to spend time with the girl because he’s on the bench the whole time.

And so I was much more of a contributing player to that team than Clay was. So I still stick to the point that I’m better player than Clay.

Hey, I’ll believe it when I see it out here in Chicago. So I’m hearing that we need to have a little bit of a rematch once you’re in shape and properly hydrated.

We should! Definitely properly hydrated. Back in shape. I’m ready to beat Clay.

Amazing. Another person that was a part of that tournament was Dustin Kendrick, who has done a podcast with us. We love Dustin, he’s great time.

Love Dustin. He is. He is the most unrecognized, sweetest person from my season. He deserves the world. I love Dustin more than anything.

He’s a great guy. All right: Rematch. I hope the producers are listening and we’re gonna make it happen.

Dustin is lucky he got to play Matteo. Because he would have got whooped by me, I could promise him that.

Love Matteo, but he’s not Clay. He’s an easy first round.

Matteo’s sport was not basketball. But Matteo whooped us by like an hour and a half when it came to run the marathon. So you know.

It all evens out. Something that you dived into recently, you launched a YouTube channel. I have watched all the videos, the production is incredible, shout out to your team for putting those together.

Brown Bear and Chris are incredible. They crush it.

They just seemed like a good time. And Brown Bear is such a great name. But there’s a couple nuggets that I wrote down that I want to ask you about from those videos.

Bring it on.

[embedded content]

The one that stuck out to me, I loved this piece of advice from your dad: If you’re gonna be dumb, you got to be tough.

There is a funny story to that.

Hey, I don’t even need to ask the question. Go ahead.

So remember the video asks so that what’s your insecurity? My nose is broken. I can barely breathe out of it. I am a loud eater now because of it, which is the worst. And it’s crooked. I hate it. Well, I don’t hate it. But you know, you deal with it.

My dad, we had breakfast together yesterday. He’s like, hey, man, I just want you to let you know, I feel really bad about your nose. When I told you, if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough, I meant it as a joke. I didn’t think your nose was really broken or it was that serious. He’s like, I will pay for you to get your nose fixed. Like, you know, I will do whatever. I was like, oh, man. That’s not the point of the video, you know, but hey, he’s gonna get my nose right.

That’s some good content right there. The vlog squad takes the plastic surgery nose fix situation.

There we go. You should be our new creative producer. We’ll just team up.

Anytime. We’re around. We’ve got a great video squad. Another one that you said on there: You know, you mentioned the importance of giving back to the community. What kind of charity work or involvement in the community have you been up to?

Oh, so as of right now, the thing I’m working on the most right now is I’m starting a charity in my mother’s name and a foundation. Within that foundation, we’re working on creating an endowment fund to help first generation kids go to college, to help pay for things. That’s half of what we want to do.

The other half is — my mom was a single mother, you know, she raised us. Ever since ninth grade when my parents split. My dad was a big part of raising us too, but she did a lot for us as a single parent.

Part of what I want to do is be able to go to people’s houses and help put new appliances in, paint. Go to a single mom that is struggling and just kind of give her that lift that she needs at the house to feel proud about her house again, to feel good about it and to fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Because with school, with kids, a lot of it starts at home and feeling good and feeling safe at home. And so I think that’s an important thing that I want to work on, you know, as we get this foundation rolling. Those are the two areas that we’re going to try and focus on.

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That’s wonderful. And it kind of segues into my next question. You know, in the past year, you’ve had a rollercoaster of rising to fame through Bachelor, but you have experienced some personal challenges in your life. You talked about your mom and wanting to honor her legacy.
What’s the greatest lesson that you have learned in the past year through all of these ups and downs?

Yeah, you know, the greatest lesson I learned is the stick to the people around you, you know. I’ve been through some extreme highs and I’ve been through extreme lows. On both of those highs and those lows, I’ve had important people that mean the world to me around me, and they’ve helped me get through both of it.

So you know, it’s okay to lean on people when you’re up and when you’re down. Share the great moments with them, but also be okay to lean on them for the tough moments.

What I learned is having that circle around you that’s good and strong and be okay with leaning on those people.

That’s great advice. One thing before I let you go, you know, I think a lot of Bachelor people go the influencer route post Bachelor television show, but something that always strikes me when people ask you what’s next, you mention construction. Is that what’s next for you when things start to open up again?

Yes. I mean that’s a world I want to spend a lot of time. My two passions, I think, you know, what I want to do is construction and coaching. So an ideal world you know, I’ll get my construction business rolling. Hopefully kind of get settled in the place where I want to live.

But my plan is get my construction company rolling and do that and start building houses. Hopefully — my dreams, you know, my pie in the sky goals are to be competitive builder for these nice houses on the water.

But also I want to have a charitable side to it where I’m, like I said, fixing up those houses for single moms and whatnot. And then also coaching kids in high school and helping those kids get to college.

Learn more about the Verizon’s 5G Mix & Match Unlimited plans, take the Matchmaker Quiz and explore Accept This Rose for more Bachelor content this season.

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