Amco’s Review of Suite 443 Glass Slipper

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This Flower is a a cross of Cinderella 99 X The White making it a 70% sativa dominate profile, This is the 3rd crop of this strain I have reviewed I think. This is farmed and sold from suit 443 , Grayson and Shanna are kicking ass in the grow room these flowers show it in Amco’s High Opinion.

The Look

This is a review on one eight of an oz sample in a Glass jar that is air tight and sealed with a sticker . Labels of gold and white dawn the packaging With a informative label that is only missing one thing that be terpene contents. These flowers are even more attractive than the last cut. The coloration is more on the yellow green scale. The tricombs are frosty with big bright yellow to orange pistils reaching far away from the nuggets and glisten in the light Amco High Opinion 9

The Smell

At first sniff fruity notes waft off these flowers. Underneath that scent lay a dank wet earth stench that i just cant get enough of. This stench is something that I didn’t include in the notes from this strain review last crop. I wonder what they did that brought out these characteristic in this crop. The strength of the sent is also improved from last crop Amco High Opinion 9


I put the large bud under the scope and took some pictures for you. I’m blown away by this joint. So we going speed on threw this review a little.. I’m seeing about 10% amber ratio on heads. I have done some more digging on the amber coloration and seem for a sativa a lower then 20% amber ratio is best seems to be the most common opinion. Looks to me under 40x magnification and up looks to be optimal cloudy heads on the bulbous tricombs. Amco High Opinion 9

The Taste

The pinenne taste is banging this time I didn’t even smell it but the tastes there.There are floral notes that i want to say remind me of rose. I’m having a issues remembering what terpene causes that rose taste, but it would be great if they were on the label or website. But there is nothing to complain about on the taste; this not a throat burn, not harshness and no chlorophyll taste, Bravo 443 growers! Amco High Opinion 9


Well I’ll say hold on to your hat , I’m extremely euphoric of this half gram sample that I rolled in a OCB virgin, I had to relight this joint 3 times and that is unheard of for me. I was able to reach a mental vacation from the pain for a short wile with this product. When it comes to sativa dominants this one is my favorite thus far! Amco High Opinion 9.5

Overall Amco average we give it a 9.1

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