How Does Vaping Weed Smell?


Vaporizing devices initial started their journey as a healthier option to smoking for health-related customers, most notably cancer individuals who had been making use of cannabis as an help to their currently-current therapies.

Sturdy desktop vapes like the Volcano supplied a safer way for weakened individuals to consume cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis buds, and the rest of the planet quickly caught on.

Presently vaporizers are insanely well-known and come in all shapes and sizes, permitting devotees to indulge in weed without the need of the toxic emissions of tar and carbon monoxide, which are closely tied with smoking and combustion.

But how is vaping unique from smoking smell-smart?

Why does vaping weed smell unique?

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The primary explanation why vaping smells unique is since there’s no combustion taking place.

When we light a joint on fire, the temperature of the ember is a lot greater than the temperatures that vaporizers generate.

A wonderful way to evaluate these two approaches is that a joint functions as a furnace or an incinerator, whilst vaporizers are considerably far more like heating ovens.

The combustion of cannabis releases smoke, which drastically worsens the emitted smell.

In contrast to with smoking, the heat from vaping does not burn the weed, and alternatively of smoke, cannabinoid/terpene-infused vapor is created.

Yet another vital aspect why vaping smells so unique is since vaping is considerably far more terpene-friendly.

What does vaping weed smell like?

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Every single strain of weed has a wonderful quantity of terpenes in it, and the smell of the vapor is a mixture of these terpenes combined.

Generally there’s only one particular or two dominant terpenes in a unique strain of cannabis, whilst the other terpenes are located in considerably smaller sized quantities.

The most abundant terpenes in most strains of weed are:

  • Myrcene (earthy/musky smell, grape-like aroma)
  • Limonene (citrusy smell and taste) 
  • Linalool (spicy and floral), 
  • Caryophyllene (peppery and spicy)
  • Alpha-pinene and beta-pinene (smells like a pine tree).

Most terpenes are medicinally useful, and they function in cohort with cannabinoids to deliver maximal medicinal influence. This synergic cooperation is identified as the entourage impact.

Terpenes are also incredibly volatile and delicate compounds, which means they can simply be destroyed by heat.

Every single terpene has its personal boiling point, which is a temperature that requires to be reached (but not exceeded), in order for that unique terpene to turn out to be activated.

Right here are the boiling points of the most prominent terpenes:

  • Myrcene – 168 ̊C / 334 ̊F
  • Limonene – 176 ̊C / 349 ̊F
  • Linalool – 198 ̊C / 388 ̊F
  • Caryophyllene -160 ̊C / 320 ̊F
  • Alpha-pinene – 155 ̊C / 311 ̊F
  • Beta-pinene – 155 ̊C / 311 ̊F

Heat that exceeds the boiling point of a provided terpene will incinerate that unique terpene, and its fragrance and aroma will be lost.

For the reason that of this vaporizers are considerably far more terpene-friendly, as their temperatures are reduced than an open flame.

But even with the use of vaporizer excess heat can harm the terpenes, since every of them has their personal distinctive boiling point.

This is why vaporizers that have a dynamic convection heating method (such as the Firefly two) supply the ideal attainable vaping expertise as far as smell and aroma go.

These vaporizers enable the user to set a “heating path”, exactly where the device progressively goes by means of a variety of numerous preset temperatures.

This implies that every terpene will attain its boiling point without the need of incineration, which permits the user to exploit each and every aroma and smell of that unique strain.

How considerably does vaping weed smell?

Compared to smoke, weed vapor smells far better fragrance-smart, merely since much less terpenes are incinerated by excess heat.

The smell of the vapor tremendously depends on what terpenes the strain you are making use of has, and how nicely you vaporize it.

As previously pointed out the boiling point of every terpene is unique, so the vaporization temperatures have to be precisely set in order to completely take benefit of your weed.

Due to the fact vaporization does not burn the weed, vapor is far much less harsh compared to smoke.

Vapor also lingers in the air for a shorter period of time compared to smoke, as it evaporates faster.


Due to the fact the vapepen marketplace is heavily unregulated and can nevertheless be thought of somewhat risky, it is crucial to only obtain items from nicely-established brands in order to safely get pleasure from cannabis oils.

Vaporizing dry cannabis buds is nevertheless the quantity one particular alternative if you are searching to maximize flavor and aroma, because there are so a lot of designer strains accessible for acquire.

Weed concentrates are also a sound selection, but because most of them call for sophisticated and high-priced gear to be produced, they come at a considerably heftier cost compared to nugs.


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