Exploring Higher THCV Strains and How They Are Useful to Cannabis Customers


As a result far, 113 distinct cannabinoids have been isolated from the cannabis plant, and all we ever hear or speak about are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

Truth be told, they are the most prevalent compounds in cannabis, but we must be conscious of the reality that there are other equally intriguing (although lesser-recognized) cannabinoids in this mysterious plant.

So, we decided to understand much more about tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a uncommon compound that can only be discovered in trace amounts of marijuana. And not just any type of marijuana.

Unique lab outcomes have shown that larger levels of THCV can be discovered only in some Sativa dominant strains from Southern Africa and Afghanistan.

And we have place collectively a list of higher THCV cannabis strains that are at the moment readily available on the market place. THCV enthusiasts normally refer to THCV strains as “skinny pot”, later on you will come across out why.

But just before that, we will lead you by way of a quick recap of current research on THCV and doable health-related rewards and effects of this effective cannabinoid on the customer.

What do research say about THCV?

THCV is a chemical compound in cannabis that has a equivalent molecular structure as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), missing only two carbon atoms to be just like its considerably well-known “chemical cousin”.

But there is a substantial distinction amongst the THCV and THC, specifically in the impact that they generate.

Based on the quantity taken, THCV can act the very same as THC, or act fully differently.

Some research report that reduce doses of this effective cannabinoid bring about it to act as an antagonist of the cannabinoid receptors, which means that THCV is not psychoactive in these instances. It in fact suppresses the psychoactive impact of THC.

On the other hand, at larger doses THCV can act as an agonist, and generate not just equivalent, but drastically stronger higher than THC. It is speculated that the added uplifting but clear-headed buzz that some sativa strains generate is the outcome of “THCV force”.

Yet another substantial attribute of THCV strains is the quick strike of power right after just a couple of puffs, that lasts about half of the duration of the THC higher. That is the cause why an eminent Californian testing lab calls it “the sports car or truck of cannabinoids”.

If you are applying a vaporizer, you must note that THCV has a incredibly higher boiling point of 428°F (220 °C), as opposed to THC which boils at 315 °F (157 °C).

So if you want to knowledge the impact of this valuable substance through vaping, you must seriously heat up your gear when adjusting your vaporizer’s temperature.

Health-related properties of THCV

THCV has been praised for numerous health-related rewards. Some are scientifically-backed, some want additional testing in research with a wider variety of participants.

Right here is a list of plausible health-related rewards of THCV:

  1. It is an appetite suppressant (and now the term “skinny pot” tends to make sense). As opposed to THC, which is a effective appetite stimulant, THCV can diminish meals cravings and get rid of the pleasant feeling that all of us have when we consume anything scrumptious (in my case, it is generally cake). 
  2. THCV may perhaps be applied in diabetes remedy. Some analysis suggests that this cannabinoid can assistance in lowering blood sugar by enhancing a patient’s insulin resistance.
  3. Anticonvulsant properties of THCV can assistance in treating the symptoms of neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s illness.
  4. Antipsychotic effects of THCV can lower anxiousness attacks and potentially enhance the symptoms of schizophrenia.
  5. THCV (collectively with cannabidiol, cannabinol, cannabidivarin and THC) has been reported to stimulate bone development and collagen production. 
  6. THCV has anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied as a discomfort remedy (collectively with CBD and THC)

Now that you have discovered a tiny bit much more about THCV, it is time to introduce strains that have above-typical content material of this uncommon compound.

Author’s choose: eight strains that are higher in THCV

Durban Poison

This legendary African landrace strain has been dominating the stoner’s cultivation enterprise given that the early 70s. It fathered numerous of today’s well-known hybrids, numerous of which you will see later on this list.

This pure Sativa strain originates from South Africa’s sunny city of Durban, but due to its robust genetics and higher resistance to harsh climate it is been cultivated in each North and South hemispheres.

Durban Poison has a reputation as 1 of the finest strains of all time, and if you are fortunate adequate to attempt the original phenotype of Durban poison, you will recognize why that is the case.

It delivers an energizing, uplifting buzz that will enhance your inventive side and motivate you to remain on track by way of a hectic schedule.

Durban Poison has up to 1% of THCV, which is a higher concentration thinking about that the bulk of cannabis plants have far significantly less (under ,two%).

Malawi Gold (or just Malawi)

Right here comes a different 100% landrace strain from southeast Africa – Republic of Malawi, to be precise. Locally recognized as Chamba, but internationally renowned for its potency and uplifting higher, this strain reached an pretty much cult status amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

But contrary to the aforementioned Durban Poison, this strain is somewhat challenging to come across in the Western Hemisphere, as it is harvested pretty much exclusively in the Northern area of Malawi (but heavily exported to other regions, primarily Europe).

Perhaps due to its origins or scarcity, this strain has a reputation of 1 of the most effective and finest marijuana strains in the globe, according to the Planet Bank.

Even though cannabis in Malawi remains illicit, this crop tends to be 1 of the best export items of Malawi, with an estimated worth of .two% of Malawi’s GDP.

When it comes to THCV content material of this renowned strain, there are no official lab information to give us the precise measure.

But it has been recommended that THCV levels in Malawi Gold are as higher, if not larger, than in Durban Poison. If you are fortunate adequate to have your path cross the path of this strain, we would be thrilled to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Pineapple Purps

Here’s a different uncommon Sativa dominant strain that is incredibly tough to come across. (Which tends to make me wanna attempt it even much more!)

Pineapple Purps remains a mystery when it comes to its origins and genetics. The name suggests that it is a crossbreed of Pineapple Express and Purps, but no 1 can say for specific if this is correct.

On the other hand, absolutely everyone is specific that Pineapple Purps has a seriously effective psychoactive impact and energizing higher which can be attributed to an insane quantity of THCV.

This one of a kind strain can generate so considerably of this scarce compound, that final THC:THCV ratios can go as higher as three:1.

Dutch Treat

Not to sound like I favor Sativas, right here comes 1 strain from the Indica group. Dutch Treat, also recognized as Dutch Crunch, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is an vital component of any respectable Amsterdam coffee shop.

Its precise lineage is a total enigma, but it is believed that it was produced by the legendary Canadian cross breeder Jordan of the Islands.

In spite of the Indica predominance, this strain induces a excellent balance of joy and relaxation. Dutch Treat delivers an immediate energizing, cerebral impact that does not final lengthy (the anticipated impact of any THCV-wealthy strain), followed by the feeling of deep physical relaxation and peacefulness.

If you are seeking for higher THCV items, Heylo Cannabis introduced Dutch Treat Cartridges that have three,three% of THCV.

GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

GSC, formerly recognized as Girl Scout Cookies, is a prodigy of two immensely well-known strains: OG Kush and Durban Poison. It comes as no surprise that GSC received the very same quantity of adoration right after its introduction to California’s cannabis market place back in 2012.

In its quick period of existence, GSC received many Cannabis Cup awards and became 1 of the most praised hybrids about the globe. It is about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, but its impact is much more that of a Sativa strain.

The higher you get from this strain will hit you straight away, and it is an uncommon mixture of euphoria and relaxation at the very same time.

Mainly because of the higher level of THC and traceable quantity of THCV (thanks to Durban Poison origins), GSC has been equally well-known amongst health-related and recreational customers.

Jack the Ripper (JTR)

With such a creepy name (right after a 19th-century serial killer), pot smokers would count on absolutely nothing significantly less than a killer impact. And they will not be disappointed.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica) has been a extremely profitable mixture of Jack’s Cleaner clone and male version of Space Queen, usually referred to as Space Dude.

Its impact has been described as incredibly enjoyable in a quantity of distinct settings, exactly where a user can celebration late or go about finishing daytime tasks with out a care in the globe.

It is not uncommon to knowledge intensive visual stimulus with this strain, so novice customers may perhaps really feel paranoid and scared if they go also far in blowing trees.

Jack the Ripper is a different THCV-wealthy strain that has turn into incredibly well-known in a quick period of time.

Willie Nelson

This Sativa strain has been named right after the well-known nation musician and a lengthy-time weed advocate, Willie Nelson, who presumably attempted it after and instantly purchased the whole very first crop.

Willie Nelson is a cross-breed of distinct South Asia Sativa strains and Highland Nepalese landrace strains.

Just after winning the Greatest Sativa prize through the 2005 Higher Instances Cannabis Cup, Willie Nelson has grown in recognition amongst health-related and recreational cannabis smokers.

The impact of Willie Nelson is equivalent to any classic Sativa dominant hybrid. It is a excellent wake and bake strain, that induces euphoric cerebral higher and wish for social interaction.

Even though it is notably reported that Willie Nelson has above-the-typical content material of THCV, we had been unable to come across trustworthy information on the actual THCV level.

Doug’s Varin

If you haven’t heard about this strain just before, you are not alone. Doug’s Varin is a uncommon, premium Sativa strain that is specially bred for higher THCV content material.

It is 1 much more descendant of Durban Poison, but a handful of much more African strains have been mixed in the procedure: Malawi Gold, Swazi Landrace and extra strains that stay a “botanist’s secret”.

This strain has been introduced to the cannabis market place in 2013, right after much more than 40,000 iterations that preceded the discovery of this THCV powerhouse.

It consists of three% THCV which is the highest readily available concentration of THCV in 1 strain.

Doug’s Varin has an earthy, citrusy scent and energizing cerebral impact that does not final lengthy (thanks to the big concentration of THCV).

If you are seeking for a solution that consists of the highest level of THCV, appear no additional. Doug’s Varin provides vape pens that have 25-30% of THCV.


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