Old College Doping – How Ancient Greek Athletes Employed Cannabis for Greater Sports Overall performance


Old College Doping with Cannabinoids – Ancient Greek Athletes Employed Cannabis as a Performance Enhancing Drug

In the course of the occasions of classic Greek antiquity quite a few foundations of contemporary civilization had been laid. Democracy, philosophy and the Olympic games all date back to this time. The Olympic games, originating in the town of Olympia, had been initially celebrated in antiquity as a kind of worship of the god Zeus, and then re-established in 1896, inspired by the ancient games.


Some factors had been fairly distinct in the course of these ancient Olympic games: females and non-Greeks had been not permitted to compete, and all competitors ran about naked, therefore no 1 had space on their jerseys for any marketing (“what’s the point then?” quite a few contemporary athletes would possibly ask). But some factors had been quite related when comparing the ancient and the contemporary Olympic games: competitors got hurt, and utilized health-related remedies to alleviate the discomfort. The ancient games featured boxing, wrestling, and pankration, a sport not in contrast to contemporary mixed martial arts. There had been lots of possibilities for the naked Greek guys to get hurt!


In an entertaining paper by Else Bartels and colleagues from Copenhagen University (“An Ancient Greek Discomfort Remedy for Athletes”, Discomfort Practice, Volume six, Concern three, 2006 212–218) they describe an ointment utilized by ancient Greek athletes. The ointment was referred to as “Olympic Victor’s Dark Ointment” in a description by the renowned health-related ancient chronicler Galen, and contained what at initially sight appears like a nicely although-out mix of herbs. There was no drug testing in ancient Olympia – the technologies to detect substances in athletes’ blood was not about but, and society was possibly a bit far more tolerant in regards to chemical improvement of the high quality of life anyway. Therefore the ointment featured each canabinoids (substances akin to the active element in marijuana) and opiates (all-natural chemical compounds related in structure and function to opium and morphine). In addition, the ancient sports physicians added some saffron to the cream. Saffron consists of all-natural chemical compounds which can lessen swelling and inflammation. The cannabinoids in the recipe did not come from the marijuana plant, but from the Frankincense tree. The opiates in the ointment came from poppy. The Greeks had currently figured out how to harvest the analgesic juice from the poppy-plant, and had been even conscious of the danger of more than-dosing it (“it can lead to sleep which can finish in death”).


Bartels and colleagues pretty meticulously analyzed how a lot of every active element was contained in the ointment, and how a lot discomfort relief a common dose would have offered. This is no trivial matter – the components had been not offered in grams by Galen, which are (like the kilogram on which they are primarily based) a contemporary invention. Rather, in the course of Galen’s occasions (he was a modern of the Roman emperor Hadrian, alive 76 – 138 A.D.), weights had been measured in equivalents of coins, like Drachmas, Obols and Chalcis. For liquids, the ancients utilized such lengthy-forgotten measures like Sextarius, Cyathus, Hemina, Cyathus and Acetabulum. These had been clumsy units, tough to convert amongst every other, type of like the imperial method in our day &amp age!


So, did the ancient Olympic Victor’s Dark Ointment operate? Had been the components concentrated sufficient to enable the injured ancient athletes? In all probability yes. The quantity of opiates from poppy in the ointment was considerable, and opiates are taken up pretty nicely via the skin – this is a principle utilized in contemporary-day discomfort-relief patches. The discomfort relief offered to any person who got his arm twisted in an ancient wrestling match or who had his classic Greek nose punched in the Olympic boxing competitors would have been fairly valuable.


The quantity of cannabionids, nonetheless, was also little to make a distinction and in contrast to opiates, cannabinoids are not taken up nicely via intact skin. The uptake into the injured athlete’s physique could have worked somewhat much better had he suffered an open reduce, therefore permitting the cannabinoids to straight enter the blood stream. Even then, although, the dosages had been possibly also little to make a genuine distinction.


Also, the quantity of saffron was also minor to do any excellent. The ointment worked due to its higher opiate content material. The ancient medical doctors probably failed to do a systematic study of the effectivity of every element of their Olympic Victor’s Dark Ointment. Regrettably they missed out on the now-nicely-established discomfort relief properties of cannabinoids!







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