Health-related cannabis could be a advantage to older adults



Older adults are at elevated danger of decreasing labor provide due to poor overall health, partly for the reason that of higher prices of symptoms that might be alleviated by healthcare marijuana. But, surprisingly small is identified about how this group responds to healthcare marijuana laws (MMLs). We quantify the effects of state healthcare marijuana laws on the overall health and labor provide of adults age 51 and older, focusing on the 55 % with 1 or more healthcare conditions with symptoms that might respond to healthcare marijuana. We use longitudinal information from the Overall health and Retirement Study to estimate occasion study and variations-in-variations regression models. 3 principle findings emerge from our evaluation. Initially, active state healthcare marijuana laws lead to lower discomfort and improved self-assessed overall health amongst older adults. Second, state healthcare marijuana laws lead to increases in older adult labor provide, with effects concentrated on the intensive margin. Third, the effects of MMLs are biggest amongst older adults with a overall health situation that would qualify for legal healthcare marijuana use below existing state laws. Findings highlight the part of overall health policy in supporting operate amongst older adults and the significance of like older adults in assessments of state healthcare marijuana laws.

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PMID: 30883060


Nicholas LH1, Maclean JCtwo.


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