The Embassy Skateboards Group Empties Its Bag of Tricks


By Justin Cannabis

When you assume of cannabis legends hailing from Texas, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson and perhaps even Matthew McConaughey come to thoughts. Higher Occasions has featured these and a lot of other marijuana advocates from the Lone Star State more than the years. But there’s an underground cannabis-culture powerhouse that also flies the green flag proudly—the skateboarders of Texas.

Skateboarding thrives on style, creativity and regularly pushing the boundaries of what is probable. And, as any skater of any talent level can attest, there’s a value to spend in discomfort with this sport. Thankfully, it just so takes place that cannabis shines in every single of these places, assisting skaters dream up their subsequent not possible trick and handle the discomfort when they inevitably fall.

Cannabis can enable with relaxation and concentrate, permitting skaters to visualize and conquer their subsequent line on the streets or in the pool. Anxiousness can be a further session killer for a lot of skaters, and pot can enable take the edge off of any jumpy nerves. Immediately after a extended session and a sweet smoke, cannabis topicals are very helpful at soothing the sore muscle tissues and scrapes that come with the territory.

Embassy pro Colin dominates the bowl/ Justin Cannabis

Lately, I reached out to some skaters for their take on cannabis use in skateboarding, and the message was clear, straight-up harmony.

I met up with Texas’s personal Embassy Skateboards group when they had been in town for one particular of the largest competitions of the year, the Vans Pool Party—an invite-only affair featuring some of the hottest skaters on the planet. This was the final year they’d be operating the contest out of a giant mall in Orange County, southeast of Los Angeles.

Safety was omnipresent at the mall, so we dipped out to the parking lot involving heats to smoke challenging and reflect on the massive show. Like them or not, corporate-sponsored skate contests are virtually normally a necessity in experienced skateboarding. Whilst these events are amazing for the spectators, they can be rough on the riders, who have to shred on demand and often slam really hard into the concrete. The highs and lows of flashy contests can take their toll on skaters who would rather skate on their personal terms alternatively of against the clock. The vibes had been undoubtedly unique the following day at a backyard skate pool celebration exactly where I got some shots of the Embassy crew in action whilst the group enjoyed California’s enlightened cannabis freedoms.

Colin blasts about the bowl as Uncle Pat readies his stash to hold the session flowing/ Justin Cannabis

The Embassy group is created up of legendary rippers and young chargers who continue to leave their mark across the nation. I met Lee, official overload of Embassy Skateboards, via one particular of his veteran group riders, Pat. Pat’s a legendary skater and cannabis cultivator who I not too long ago photographed blasting airs whilst smoking a massive joint on a halfpipe in Northern California. Lee was stoked by the shots and invited me down to Los Angeles to verify out the massive contest and meet the rest of the group. The Vans Pool Celebration contest was anything to see, but I didn’t travel 400 miles just to appreciate a no cost show. I was there to get some shots for Higher Occasions, so, for me, the actual action began the subsequent day, when Embassy Skateboards hosted its personal cannabis-friendly pool celebration at the Fundamental Bowl in Huntington Beach—Southern California’s surf/skate mecca.

In contrast to in California, the cannabis laws in Texas are notoriously strict. Certainly, the group was stoked to go to a state with sensible recreational and health-related laws on the books.

Ben is one particular of the correct Texans on the group, with a killer bag of tricks and attitude paying tribute to the OG skaters from the Lone Star State/ Justin Cannabis

Meet the Group

Two of Embassy’s veteran riders develop cannabis to hold their group in the green and away from excessive booze consumption and opioids that have price as well a lot of skaters their careers and even their lives. Heavy slams and exhaustion are a typical portion of skating at this level, so the Embassy group makes use of cannabis to enable alleviate the chronic discomfort and enhance the inventive juices to fuel the session. Fortunate for them, group vet Pat has their back, increasing adequate fine herb to hold Embassy elevated. Pat’s a extended-time fixture of the Northern California skate scene and nevertheless rides professionally at the age of 53. He’s portion of a increasing group of elder skatesmen who have managed to keep on board with a correct dedication to skating, and a tiny enable from Mary Jane.

Whilst Pat spends a lot of his time on the road as a pro skater, he’s committed to increasing high quality cannabis at his house on the Mendocino coast. Pat’s been an outside grower due to the fact the mid-1980s, when Ronald Reagan was declaring war via the government’s Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP). Persevering via these oppressive years, Pat is now enjoying the freedom of an enlightened public attitude on cannabis.

Nonetheless, he’s not the only cultivator Embassy boasts. Uncle Rodney, a hand-plant professional and all about vert ripper, is a further seasoned veteran on the group. He keeps the guys fired up with words of wisdom on style and approach, and blissed-out with his personal homegrown from the East Coast.

One particular of the top rated riders on the group, and a standard pro on the contest circuit, is Colin, a Virginia Beach ripper who flies the Embassy flag higher. Like most of his teammates, Colin appreciates the relief cannabis gives from the aches and pains that adhere to any heavy session. He prefers the CBD-dominant strains that unwind his physique but will not make him tired. He tokes just adequate to ease his muscle tissues so he can appreciate extended sessions.

Legendary wave slasher and skateboarder Christian Fletcher grinds about the Fundamental Bowl/ Justin Cannabis

Embassy guest pro and surfing legend Christian Fletcher was the 1st to blast skate-style airs more than the lip of a wave, forever altering the sport of surfing and paving the way for the future. Christian prefers the comfort of vape pens, and generously handed them out for the duration of the session when the rest of us had been busy rolling joints.

What began as a private session ended up attracting some skate-planet celebrities and a handful of regional pros that had been there to cheer on the Embassy riders as they ripped the pool. Goal-constructed for skating, the Fundamental Bowl has undergone a lot of transformations more than the years. Cracked, crusty and raw, it is a proving ground for these who could be employed to completely smooth ramps and parks, and the Embassy group tore it up! Particular thanks to Fundamental Bowl owner Trace for the hospitality and the complete Embassy household for smoking the bowl, Texas-style!

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