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HempBombs is one of the snazziest and quirkiest CBD brands we’ve come across. Making high-quality products is an absolute priority. But they also care a lot about being an approachable brand that offers advice on how to bring CBD into your daily life. 

In this comprehensive and complete guide to HempBombs, we’ll guide you through their philosophy, and the type of CBD they use. We’ll also look at three key ways their products could make a difference for you, and introduce you to some of their best-selling products. Make sure you stay with us until the end of the post for an exclusive gift! 

The HempBombs philosophy 

Every single batch of HempBombs products is tested by an independent laboratory. Customers can check the lab reports for each product online, and get the test for any product they buy by scanning the QR code on the label. You’ll know for sure that your lotion, oil or gummies has the right amount of CBD, that the THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%, and that your product does not contain pesticides, residuals or heavy metals. 

They recognize that an unregulated industry means there’s a potential for low-quality CBD and “snake oil” to make it to market. That’s why Hemp Bombs has an extensive and multi-step testing process, ensuring the ingredients they use and the final product is completely safe.

It all starts by making sure the raw hemp material is lab-tested for cannabinoid levels and foreign substances. Hemp Bombs then check their products several times during production, to confirm they have the right levels of each ingredient and that there aren’t any issues.

Each product is submitted for in-house lab-testing once complete. After passing the in-house test, the product then goes for independent, third-party lab testing. Very few brands adopt such a stringent and rigorous testing procedure. For this reason alone, you know that Hemp Bombs is a brand that can be trusted with your health.

A leader in the CBD industry

Hemp Bombs appreciates that the best way of getting high-quality hemp is by sourcing it in the United States. Certified, domestic farms cultivate hemp with all the right practices. For example, Hemp Bombs only uses industrial hemp that’s organic, and free from pesticides and chemicals. 

The brand manufactures its products in a huge, designated, cGMP-certified facility. In a nutshell, Hemp Bombs takes every possible step to prove their authenticity in an unregulated industry. Everyone working at the company is fully up to speed with their ethos. And the quality control team ensures no low quality products slip through the net. 

How HempBombs could help you

CBD’s potential benefits are regularly discussed in the media nowadays. CBD has become a fascination from being virtually unknown just a few years ago. Celebrities are taking and promoting it. And the widespread availability of products means just about everyone knows somebody who has used it, if the aren’t doing so themselves! 

We should note that few of the compound’s purported qualities are clinically proven. This research can take years. Right now, we know CBD is effective at treating certain epileptic seizures, thanks to FDA clinical trials. But beyond that, the jury is still out, and it will likely be a few more years before we get an extensive list of approved uses. HempBombs sell their products as dietary supplements only, not medicines. 

What Hemp Bombs does very successfully is suggest how CBD can be integrated into your life. They aren’t out there making bold and unverified claims about their products. But they do indicate how lotions may soothe pain, and how CBD relieves stress and promotes relaxation. Here are three ways that Hemp Bombs products could help you. 

Improve your sex life

Yes, that’s right – CBD could be key to spicing up your sex life! Let us explain. When getting intimate with your partner, the body is responsible for lubrication to keep things pleasurable and pain-free. But if the body is fails on this front, it can become dry like the desert, increasing the risk of bleeding, discomfort, soreness and even sexually-transmitted infections (STIs). 

Hemp Bombs topical products can make things fun again in the bedroom – and especially their pleasure gel. The company’s creams and gels contain only natural and safe ingredients. CBD-infused products are also better than regular lubrications, as it helps stimulate blood flow. Cannabis is an aphrodisiac, and it seems the plant’s non-intoxicating cousin hemp has the same effect!  

Safely reduce stress and anxiety

CBD is the natural and safe solution to stress. Society has a couple of “acceptable” vices for lowering stress – namely alcohol and cigarettes. But these substances, while legal, are fraught with danger. Both alcohol and nicotine can be very addictive, and lead to behavior that causes more stress than it solves. 

In comparison, CBD eases stress by creating a sense of relaxation, and lowering blood cortisol levels. CBD doesn’t have any addictive properties, so you can happily take it in large quantities. You won’t become dependent, and nor will you experience any intoxicating effects.

Cannabis may potentially be bad for anxiety, but non-psychoactive CBD looks to be really beneficial. Hemp Bombs broad-spectrum CBD formula with no THC is the ideal blend for restoring chemical balance in the brain, and taking care of anxiety. This could apply to any general anxiety you experience in day-to-day life, as well as anxiety triggered by social scenarios.

Learn to relax with HempBombs CBD

Relaxing with CBD doesn’t necessarily mean treating any particular condition. It can simply be about chilling out, getting into a better headspace and enjoying some self-care. In a world that’s so fast-paced where it seems we never have a chance to switch off, making the most of our breaks is essential. 

There are a numerous ways to bring HempBombs CBD into your relaxation routine. Eating a few gummies in the evening will ensure you get a wonderful night’s sleep. Dosing up on CBD oil before a lovely, hot bath is great for easing your muscles, getting rid of any aches, and taking your mind off things. In the same vein, a little CBD before going for a stroll or doing some yoga will help you shift into that calm state of mind, where everything feels more manageable. 

Comprehensive HempBombs review

This section will focus on the top three products available from Hemp Bombs in 2019. We have a lotion, tincture oil, and edible product to show you, all of which offer quite contrasting effects. But that just highlights the versatility of CBD, and how it means different things to different people! 

HempBombs CBD Lotion 

hemp bombs cbd lotionThis CBD-infused Pain Freeze lotion is as much about sensation as anything else. Application of this topical – which is also loaded with menthol – produces an immediate cooling effect, playing into the benefits of cold therapy. The HempBombs Pain Freeze is good for calming chronic pain, aches, pains, and muscle cramps. It may also work for arthritis and other conditions typified by inflammation.  

This product contains 4oz of lotion and 200mg of CBD extract. This makes for a potent cream that can still be applied liberally. The powerful cooling sensation may prevent you from using this product all over the body. 

However, like any CBD topical, the HempBombs lotion can technically be used to clear up infections, skin complaints and to take the fight to wrinkles. The hot and painful sensation of sunburn is deeply unpleasant – with the HempBombs Pain Freeze, you can cancel it out while soothing any redness. 

This topical product is similarly beneficial after an intense and draining workout. Agonising aches and piercing pains have always been part and parcel of training hard. But the HempBombs Pain Freeze puts a fresh – and cooling! – spin on rest and recovery. Rub it into the worst-affected areas, and you’ll soon feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

HempBombs CBD Oil 

CBD tincture oils are a classic form of CBD, and the preferred product of traditionalists and the health-conscious. Tinctures are normally consumed sublingually, as under-the-tongue use provides efficiency and convenience. CBD gets into the bloodstream in just a couple of minutes, making for a fast response time and quick relief.

HempBombs have maximized the effectiveness of their CBD tinctures by adding MCT oil. This makes CBD more bioavailable than standard CBD products – that means increased potency, without having to up the dosage. Grape seed oil is also included in these tinctures, bringing even more therapeutic effects, such as anti-inflammatory benefits.

The broad-spectrum extract used by HempBombs is THC-free, so even their strongest oils can be used with no drug test concerns. The HempBombs CBD Oil is also effective as a food or drink ingredient, as a standalone cream, or combined with any serums or lotions you may already be using. 

Every HempBombs tincture bottle contains 30ml of oil, and comes with a dropper that holds up to 1ml, equating to 30 full servings per bottle. Product strengths range from 125mg to 4000mg (4.2mg to 133.3ml single servings. Enjoy either a natural, hemp taste with the unflavored tincture, or any of HempBombs’ four flavored options: Acai Berry, Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint or Watermelon. 

Tinctures are already known for being a versatile way of consuming CBD. With the CBD oils from HempBombs, that versatility is taken to a whole new level.

HempBombs CBD Gummies

HempBombs have three main lines of CBD gummy products: Original Gummies, High-Potency Gummies and Sleep Gummies. Each are available in packs of five, 25, 30 and 60. 

Original Gummies: These contain 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract, and are good for promoting mild relaxation and overall general wellness. This is a nice serving size for supplementing the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates various health factors. Original Hemp Bombs CBD gummies also have small amounts of L-Theanine, scutellaria, passiflora and melatonin to make up their heralded “proprietary blend”. 

High-Potency Gummies: These edibles are infused with 25mg of broad-spectrum extract, and have the same proprietary blend as found in Original Gummies. The High-Potency Gummies are 66% stronger than the brand’s regular gummies, and are angled to those who want extra relief. HempBombs recommends taking one or two gummies (25mg or 50mg) per serving. 

Sleep Gummies: These gummies contain the regular 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract, with an additional 5mg of melatonin. Surprise surprise, Sleep Gummies are meant to give you a better night’s sleep, and relief from conditions such as insomnia. Melatonin is an essential sleep-promoting hormone, released in the evenings. A small dose may help modulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Turning on your phone’s blue-light filter is another way of increasing melatonin levels at night. 

HempBombs create all kinds of CBD edibles, not just gummies. They also specialize in CBD lollipops, syrups and “chill shots”! CBD edible products last for up to twice as long as e-liquids and tincture oils, and are the perfect form of CBD if you’re trying to cut costs, or aren’t able to top your dose up every two or three hours. 

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Final thoughts 

HempBombs have gone the extra mile to ensure their customers get the most from their CBD products. Their watertight manufacturing practices instill confidence in their products, which is reflected by the great reviews we have had from this brand. 

In this post, we’ve covered the HempBombs approach to making CBD products in detail, and outlined three key ways that their products could improve your life. We’ve also explored the benefits of their best-sellers in our HempBombs review. And as a thank you for reading, provided you with a HempBombs coupon code, so you can make a nice little saving on your purchase! 

Have you already tried HempBombs, and have any additional ideas on how their lotions, tincture oils and gummies can enhance wellbeing. Get involved in the conversation by leaving a comment! 


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