The Cannabis License Black Industry


The Cannabis License Black Industry – $50,000,000 for a Florida Seed to Sale?

Would you spend $50 million for an authorized cannabis license in Florida?


The headlines these days are all about black market place vaping merchandise verse legal market place merchandise.  Is it what is becoming vaped or the truly procedure of vaping?  We will delve into that in a future report but for now, the cannabis black market place has had a vibrant light shined on it with regards to good quality of solution and testing.  But there are other black markets, if you will, in cannabis, ones that involve license transfers and sales becoming performed on the up and up and other becoming performed on the down low.


Massachusetts, which cannot look to get out of its personal way as far at terrible headlines goes suitable now, is clamping down on license transfers and sales right after it was found substantial MSOs (Multi State Operators) had moved into the state, and to keep away from the restrictions placed on the quantity of dispensaries you can personal, have been getting up smaller sized licenses and dispensaries but working with shell providers or getting hand shake agreements with owners to hold their names on the license.  Fundamentally, in order to get about the “one group might only personal three locations” rule, they have been cutting side bargains and becoming evasive to the state of Massachusetts about the accurate ownership of specific places.


How major is the license transfer space and black-market place arena for authorized cannabis licenses in restricted states?  Large.  One particular broker in Florida is now browsing for a purchaser of an currently authorized seed to sale license in Florida, the asking price tag, $50,000,000. 


Would $50,000,000 make sense in a state like California or Oregon, not in a million years.  Florida is a “seed to sale state license” so it is entirely vertically integrated.  There have been a restricted quantity of licenses created out there for healthcare marijuana so they carry an pricey price tag tag.  It is a extended and draining procedure to apply for a license in Florida, each economically and emotionally.  The application will have to be completed with a specialized lawyer and can take anyplace in between six to 18 months carrys a charge of about $61,000 to get the license application turned in and reviewed.  If the Florida application is authorized to be reviewed, the subsequent step, a $five million bond, will have to be posted inside 10 days of the application becoming reviewed for the subsequent step.


Florida is strictly a healthcare state for now, but it has huge possible for recreational use.  A tiny more than 300,000 sufferers have been authorized for the Florida healthcare marijuana patient system and there are petitions becoming worked on now to add a recreational cannabis vote or amendment to the 2020 elections.  With a substantial elderly population retired there and more than 1,000 people today a day moving to the state, it is a extremely precious location to land a cannabis license.  Trulieve, the biggest cannabis dispensary operator in the state by far controls about 60% of all healthcare marijuana sales in the state.  Florida is projected to be on of the biggest cannabis states in the nation when complete scale legalization takes place, with some specialists predicting Florida could be a $two.five billion market place.


Behind California and New York, Florida could turn into the Southern Capital of Cannabis because they have the biggest population of Child Boomer wealth in the US, and seniors are the quickest developing segment of cannabis sales suitable now.  It is a best storm, no pun intended for Florida, of the wealthiest slices of the US population all getting well being issues like arthritis and sore hips and backs, all getting access to healthcare marijuana.  It also assists that several of these Child Boomers are retired and do not have to be concerned about a surprise drug test at function or what an employer could say if they identified you had a healthcare marijuana card.


Is a Florida cannabis license, seed to sale, worth $50,000,000 suitable now?  Almost certainly not, but that is just the asking price tag, not necessarily what it will sell for down the road.  Significantly like Florida actual estate, you can ask any price tag you want for your penthouse on Miami beach, what you truly sell it for is what matters.


The very good news? Owner financing of the $50 million is out there to certified purchasers.


Let me see how a great deal my household equity line has left now.









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