MMJ Recs What Are The New Adjustments Created By The Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority In 2019?


Oklahoma legalized health-related marijuana in 2018, but now some large adjustments are coming to the plan by way of the Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority. If you reside in Oklahoma, now is the time to familiarize oneself with these new guidelines and regulations so you can take complete benefit of the health-related marijuana plan in your state. Here’s what you need to have to know about health-related marijuana in Oklahoma for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

The Adjustments to Health-related Marijuana in Oklahoma in 2019 and 2020

The new guidelines passed in Residence Bill 2612 more than the summer time roll out adjustments for each individuals and purveyors of health-related marijuana alike. For individuals, these adjustments incorporate:

  • Firearms – According to federal law, illegal drug customers can’t lawfully personal guns. In Oklahoma, health-related marijuana individuals have the correct to personal firearms regardless of what the federal government says.
  • Discrimination – The new law enables employers in professions such as hazardous supplies handling, firefighting, and heavy machine operating to look at the health-related marijuana status of the individuals when hiring. For individuals in other professions exactly where security is not an challenge, employers are not permitted to discriminate primarily based on the employee’s status of testing constructive for THC or obtaining a license to use health-related marijuana.
  • Disabled veterans – The new guidelines permit veterans that are 100% disabled to spend the decreased $20 charge for a health-related marijuana license. This is down from the regular $100 charge.

For firms, a couple of new guidelines apply as properly, like:

  • Certificate of compliance requirement – When applying for a enterprise, certificates of compliance need to be integrated for zoning in their jurisdictions as properly as compliance of waste, creating, and fire code. Assessment of applications now functions on a 90-day timeline.
  • Tracking – Organizations need to have a sort of seed-to-sale tracking program in spot that will support to decrease the opportunity of solution diversion onto the black industry.
  • Updated packaging specifications – The new guidelines also call for data to be placed on health-related marijuana solutions that note the potency of the solution as properly as if it is been tested for contamination.
  • Sales – Licensed growers can now sell flower, clones, and seeds to other licensed growers. Licensed dispensaries can also sell to other licensed dispensaries.

As properly as MMJ individuals, dispensary owners need to have to be up-to-date on the new adjustments in Oklahoma health-related marijuana laws.

New Licenses Obtainable from the Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority

There are 5 brand new license categories for health-related marijuana in Oklahoma below HB 2612. These are:

  • Brief-term patient – A patient who meets the specifications of a two-year license but only requires to use health-related marijuana for a brief quantity of time can now qualify for a 60-day license.
  • Education facility – This license enables nonprofits to educate persons about increasing, packaging, processing, and testing of health-related marijuana.
  • Testing laboratory – These licenses are for laboratories that test health-related marijuana.
  • Transporter – Standalone transporters of health-related marijuana can now have a license for storage and distribution.
  • Transporter agent – This license is in addition to the transporter license to be capable to transport marijuana, not basically shop and distribute.

The Effect of New Guidelines to Health-related Marijuana in 2019 and Beyond

These new guidelines will have the biggest effect on employers in Oklahoma – in a really constructive way. In “safety-sensitive” positions, employers will now have recourse to take action against or even terminate somebody they think to be below the influence of marijuana on the job. But employers also can’t discriminate against somebody primarily based on their constructive test for marijuana when they legally receive health-related marijuana as an MMJ patient.

Of course, protections for customers of health-related marijuana have been strengthened by the new guidelines as properly. Registered customers of health-related marijuana can’t be denied access to firearms or public help due to their health-related cannabis use. And do not overlook that disabled veterans can now spend much less to receive a health-related marijuana license.

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There are quite a few constructive impacts of the new guidelines implemented by the OK Health-related Marijuana Authority

How to Qualify Below OK Health-related Marijuana Authority Guidelines

If you have but to take benefit of health-related marijuana in Oklahoma in 2019 but are interested, you need to be 18 years old to qualify for the health-related marijuana plan and be evaluated by a licensed doctor or podiatrist. If a minor suffers from a situation deemed by a medical doctor to advantage from use of MMJ, then the legal guardian, parent, or caregiver can get two separate physicians to fill out Health-related Marijuana Recommendation types inside 30 days of other yet another, then apply for the license.

You need to prove you are a resident of Oklahoma by proving a state-issued ID card or driver’s license. A valid United States passport can also serve as proof of residency.

The Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority might have changed a couple of items this summer time, but the target remains the identical: to get health-related marijuana to the persons who advantage from it. Find out about these new adjustments in Oklahoma health-related marijuana and take benefit of all your state has to give.


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