Gas Mask Bong – Reserved for Exciting Occasions


Anybody who has ever visited a head shop has almost certainly observed a gas mask bong, but not absolutely everyone is seasoned sufficient to attempt one particular.

The device is a bit controversial and could appear spooky, but it is a new and fascinating way for you to smoke your sweet herb.

GMB is fundamentally a bong that is connected to a gas mask, to describe it as just as attainable. At any moment you can detach the two, and use just the bong.

The bong itself can be plastic, acrylic, glass or even metal, and the gas mask is most usually produced of rubber.

How to use the gas mask bong

The gas mask bong is definitely straightforward to use. The essential is to preserve the air tight.

Right here is how to use it in four quick actions:

Step 1: Place your GMB on, and adjust the straps about your head to preserve it good and tight (but comfy!) so you can take it off very easily in case of emergency.

Step two: Fill the bong chamber with water and pack your bowl, the way you ordinarily do.

Step three: Light up the bowl, putting your finger on the carb.

Step four: Eliminate your finger from the carb and inhale.

Is gas mask bong protected?

If you are an seasoned smoker, it is completely protected, but there are some ground guidelines you want to comply with.

Initially of all, you want to make certain the head straps are completely fitted about your head, and the mouthpiece is placed straight onto your mouth.

Be cautious for the reason that you are virtually forced to smoke all your bowl in complete prior to you can get oxygen into your lungs, so do not overfill your bowl, and take it gradually.

If you inhale way as well significantly, you could get the feeling you are suffocating, and in that case take away the gas mask quickly.

Also, make certain you get some aid with loading your bong, for the reason that your vision is restricted with a mask on. It is critical to place the GMB on initial and then load it, so the content material of the bud bowl does not spill in the course of action of attaching the bong to the mask.

Other than that, just loosen up and get pleasure from this encounter with your buddies, irrespective of whether you are at a festival, a celebration or snuggled at household.

How to make a DIY gas mask bong

Gas mask bongs are not for every day use. They are largely invented for enjoyable, festivals, and parties.

With that becoming stated, we strongly suggest that you do not attempt and make one particular at household.

Why is that?

Nicely, initial of all, if you are not an seasoned smoker, you may possibly really feel like you are operating out of air, or you may possibly cough a lot through the course of action. And that is even if you are utilizing a major solution from a trustworthy brand. So, consider what would come about with some untested, DIY stuff.

If you are attempting to make one particular by oneself, preserve in thoughts that if you are utilizing plastic bottles, they have a tendency to melt whilst exposed to higher temperatures.

You are also additional exposed to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide lengthy term, which can definitely be damaging to your lungs.

The GMB is not a toy and it is not protected to modify and play about with.

How to pick out the fantastic GMB

This most visually shocking way of smoking cannabis can be a lot of enjoyable, and that is why there are so quite a few gas mask bong selections on the market place to pick out from.

If you are preparing on utilizing it additional than after, preserve in thoughts what suits you very best.

It is constantly improved to invest a bit additional money, and to get a glass bong, rather than plastic one particular. Plastic is not pretty healthier and can adjust its shape immediately after a whilst with exposure to higher temperatures, resulting in toxic elements becoming straight inhaled by the user.

Also, if you can, attempt and get one particular with a snorkel, to aid you breathe additional naturally.

Other than that, really feel free of charge to play about with unique shapes and colors, to come to be the most well-liked smoker out there.

Right here are some examples of playful and enjoyable GMBs.

The Stormtrooper

Rasta GMB

The Alien

Glows in the dark

The original gas mask

Initially, the gas mask was invented to guard the wearer from inhaling pollutants and toxic gasses.

The design and style of the gas mask originated in ancient instances, but it was initial place into use by a man known as John Haldane in WW1 to guard the Allied troops.

A gas mask with a bong, nevertheless, has the opposite objective – it aids you inhale the smoke straight into your face and lungs.

The bong

A bong is one particular of the most well-liked approaches of inhaling your cannabis.

It has a chamber that catches the smoke, and also holds the water.

Its carb or clutch hole on one particular side of the bong is for flushing the smoke in your mouth.

It also has a socket pipe that pushes the smoke into the chamber, and manages to hold the bud bowl whilst your weed burns.

It operates like this:

You fill it with water, preserve the clutch hole covered and the mouthpiece covered, as nicely.

Then you light the bud bowl, and inhale. As the bud hit is completed, the carb hole is opened, letting air rush into the chambers, so it pulls the smoke out immediately into the lungs.

Added benefits of utilizing the gas mask bong

If you are utilizing it the proper way, you can get all the smoke straight into your mouth and nose, with practically nothing going to waste.

It can be definitely enjoyable in a group, with a lot of people today utilizing it and not obtaining to place your lips straight onto the bong’s mouthpiece.

The rips are as quick as breathing, and it can get you definitely higher, definitely speedy. A rip refers to the action of smoking out of a bong and its name comes from the sound the air tends to make when it rushes via the bong water.

Furthermore, a GMB is a fantastic solution if you have a smaller quantity of weed, and you want to get the most out of it.

General, it is a definitely enjoyable and quick way of smoking your herbs, if you know how to use it correctly.

Downsides of utilizing the gas mask bong

Initially of all, it can take a lot of time to adjust it correctly to every single of the consumers’ heads when utilizing it in a group setting.

In addition, loading the bong can be difficult if you are by oneself, for the reason that you can not definitely see that significantly when you have the mask on.

Not only are there some sensible difficulties in utilizing a GMB, but there are also some physical difficulties you may possibly encounter.

For instance, some people today with sensitive eyes may possibly get irritation and redness about the eye location.

It can also lead to a lot of coughing, so if you have asthma or any other respiratory difficulties, it is not advised for you.

Note that people today with specific skin circumstances could even get acne, for the reason that your complete face will be covered in smoke at some point whilst utilizing the GMB.

How significantly does GMB price?

In the expanding market place of cannabis gadgets, GMBs are a new hit. You can very easily obtain yours on-line, or at any bigger head shop. The cost can differ from $30 all the way up to $100 or additional.

We would certainly suggest you steer clear of poor excellent GMBs – even if your most important objective is to save on fees. It is worth it to invest a bit additional in a device produced from greater grade material for a fantastic smoking encounter. 

How does GMB examine to a standard bong?

A fantastic bong is the most critical portion of the gas mask bong.

What are the most important variations?

Nicely, obtaining study this report very carefully, by now you know that the gas mask can be detached from the bong, so you can use just the bong if the gas mask is as well significantly for you.

The most important distinction in between the two devices is in how you inhale the smoke and what occurs immediately after.

When you are utilizing the GMB, the smoke will get in your face, and it could get you greater with the mask on.

Also, if you are sharing the GMB with other people today, you do not have to place your mouth straight on the bong, but you want to make certain the head straps are appropriate for every single particular person individually.

Making use of standard bongs are certainly an simpler, additional “everyday way” to smoke cannabis, but why not mix it up a tiny now and then?

A bong or a water pipe is a fantastic way of cooling and filtering the smoke prior to breathing it in. You just have to fill it up with water. The water in a bong aids in catching leftover ash, and acts like a semi smoke filter.


Though it could appear like a difficult factor, the GMB wins in situations exactly where you have a smaller quantity of weed, but nonetheless want to get an outstanding higher that lasts lengthy.

Other than that, it is not an every day factor for the reason that of its peculiar design and style and, additional importantly, for the reason that it can lead to some physical side effects such as acne, redness in the eyes, and enhanced coughing.

It is a protected way of consuming cannabis, although, if you know how to use it the proper way, and if you are a severe smoker. Nevertheless, newbies may possibly want to skip this one particular for the moment.

General, if you want to be the life of the celebration, and you are a smoking enthusiast, you want to attempt the gas mask bong at least after in your life.


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