What is CBN and how is it distinctive from CBD?


If you are nonetheless attempting to procedure how indicators for CBD items are popping everywhere from gas stations to comfort shops all through the state of Massachusetts, get prepared for a further wave of more than-the-top rated hype about CBN as the subsequent miracle remedy for insomnia. In addition to sharing the very first two letters of their names, CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (Cannabinol) are each cannabinoids that endure from the very same lack of scientific proof to prove their effectiveness. Though critics can say the very same point about the THC in healthcare marijuana, THC has a a great deal bigger pool of anecdotal proof to help it as an productive medicine for the therapy of ailments like Fibromyalgia as properly as anxiousness, insomnia and chronic discomfort.

At Revolutionary Clinics, we carry numerous items with higher concentrations of CBD that we propose for distinctive conditions but at our core, we are healthcare marijuana dispensaries exactly where THC is the principal cannabinoid in the vast majority of our items. In response to client demand for non-intoxicating cannabis items, we also supply 100% CBD items but we also carry blends of CBD and THC that we think to be a lot more productive than straight CBD. We also stock our personal CBN tincture and are in the procedure of testing a CBN vape item.


So what precisely is CBN and how is it distinctive from CBD?

Dan Gilan, our VP of Solution Improvement, has a extremely straightforward formula to clarify CBN:

THC + heat + time = CBN

In contrast to CBD, which can be extracted straight from the cannabis plant, CBN is primarily an extraction OF an extraction. To place that in context that is quick to fully grasp, let’s assume about straightforward sand. By itself, sand is economical but when you apply heat to it and turn it into glass, it come to be infinitely a lot more precious. Now let’s refine the glassmaking procedure additional by mixing in pricey lead with the sand. As an alternative of glass, the outcome is a larger excellent item identified as crystal. The very same rule applies for CBN only rather of sand and lead, Dan and his group apply varying amounts of heat for different periods of time to distinctive strains of THC to yield a concentrated item identified as CBN.

Just like crystal, CBN is a lot more pricey than CBD (or any other flower, pre-roll, concentrate, edible or topical containing any other cannabinoid for that matter) mainly because of how a great deal a lot more time, work and material goes into producing it. Like the pearl inside an oyster (a straightforward analogy, we admit) CBD can be extracted straight from the cannabis plant so the completed items produced with it are a great deal significantly less pricey. CBD is also non-intoxicating due to the truth that it is a fully distinctive chemical than THC. Since CBN is extracted from THC, it has some of THC’s psychoactive effects and positive aspects we’ll go over in the subsequent paragraph.


What is CBN superior for?

Each Forbes and Psychology Nowadays have not too long ago published articles about CBN as a remedy for insomnia. At Revolutionary Clinics, we share their enthusiasm for the game-altering possible of CBN, but as our in-property “BS Detector”, Dan Gilan on a regular basis encourages us to pump our brakes.

“There is no compelling scientific proof to help CBN as an productive tool for sleep,” Dan cautions. “What we do have at Revolutionary Clinics is a lot of anecdotal proof from our sufferers as properly as our employees that our CBN items enable them to fall asleep more rapidly and remain asleep longer. I’m 1 of these men and women, so although the scientist in me would undoubtedly favor some true scientific proof to back up our claims, my personal experiences along with the experiences of our sufferers enable me really feel superior about what we’re carrying out. You could even say they enable me sleep at evening – actually and figuratively.”

Revolutionary Clinics Instruction and Improvement Manager Andrew Elk gives a distinctive point of view on the possible effectiveness of CBN as a sleep help. “Anyone who has relit a stubbed out joint or cornered a bowl will inform you that cannabis that is currently been exposed to heat is going to bring on a higher that is a lot more mellow,” Andrew explains. “The cause for that is the modest amounts of CBN that is been developed inside the burnt flower that gets into your lungs as you consume the rest of the material.”

As Dan pointed out earlier, THC + heat + time = CBN so Andrew is definitely correct. The distinction is that Dan and his group carry out this complex extraction procedure in the sterile and precise confines of our production facility in Fitchburg. There, they are continually studying and refining their procedure in order to make the highest excellent CBN as swiftly and effectively as probable to meet customer demand. Presently, that demand has far outweighed our production capabilities which Dan and his group are operating challenging to increase. “We’re in an intriguing spot correct now,” Dan explains. “We know our clients want this item and we know that our procedure and excellent are outstanding but we need to have to ramp up our production just before we can start off aggressively advertising it to our clients.”

By Dan’s very best estimate, our CBN vape items need to be accessible in late fall at all 3 of our dispensaries (after Central Square opens in October), offered they meet our strict excellent requirements. If you have any queries about the variations involving CBN, CBD and THC or would like a lot more data on how cannabis can increase your excellent of life, please fill out the type on our web page and we’ll get correct back to you!


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