New Roads for Marijuana Study


News that the DEA is moving forward to increase access to marijuana for investigation purposes need to be lead to for celebration. But, if history is any guide, marijuana advocates need to stay cautious. It has been 3 years considering the fact that the method of escalating the quantity of entities registered beneath the Controlled Substances Act to “facilitate investigation involving marijuana and its chemical constituents” started. Prior to the 2016 announcement, the DEA had a monopoly on expanding marijuana for investigation purposes. That no progress has been produced in the previous 3 years is outrageous, however not unexpected from the prohibitionist bureaucracy of the DEA.

Israel, the Netherlands, and Canada are top the way in marijuana investigation. Research show that marijuana is an efficient therapy for discomfort, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, and other healthcare circumstances. By refusing to expand researcher access to marijuana, the DEA is taking an indefensible stand against healthcare progress.

This could possibly be a turning point in the fight for marijuana investigation, or it may well be just a different empty guarantee. A single way or a different, time will inform.


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