DEA Responds To Healthcare Marijuana Investigation Expansion Lawsuit


Final week, the federal government announced it would begin processing dozens of pending applications for the “steps needed to increase access to marijuana investigation.” 

The announcement came two days prior to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)’s court-mandated response to a lawsuit brought by a cannabis researcher.

The petitioner, Dr. Sue Sisley, heads the Scottsdale Investigation Institute in Arizona. Dr. Sisley is seemingly frustrated by the University of Mississippi, inexplicably getting the monopoly on federally-authorized healthcare cannabis for investigation purposes. She believes the cannabis “Ole Miss” disseminates to other researchers is low-excellent, which could detrimentally effect their investigation.

A response to the mandamus petition was filed on behalf of one particular of the defendants in the suit, Lawyer Common William P. Barr, by Assistant Lawyer Common William H. Hunt, on August 28, in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

The government’s response states that “If an applicant seeks to manufacture a schedule I or schedule II controlled substance ‘for use only in a clinical trial,’ the Administrator will ‘issue a notice of application not later than 90 days just after the application is accepted for filing.’” [Read more at Forbes]


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