The Winners of the 2019 NorCal Hashish Cup • Excessive Instances


This yr’s Northern California Hashish Cup introduced collectively cannabis lovers, activists, and a few stiff competitors. Listed here are the winners of the 2019 NorCal Hashish Cup:

Indica Flower

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:(Greenstone) High Shelf Hashish – Whoa-Si-Whoa
2nd Place: Sovereign – Blueberry Muffin
third Place: LitHouse – Darkish Dosi

Sativa Flower

Jesse Faatz

1st Place: Sovereign – Moms Milk
2nd Place: Atrium Cultivation – Lemon Love
third Place:Group Elite Genetics – Orange Juice

Hybrid Flower

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:North County Pharms – Dosickeys
2nd Place: Atrium Cultivation – Juicy Gushy
third Place:Fig Farms – Animal Face

Solar-grown Flower

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:LitHouse – Lava Cake
2nd Place: Relentless Enterprises Inc – Grandpas T.I.T.S.
third Place: (Greenstone) Honeydew Farms – Sundae Driver


1st Place:GoldenSeed – Sundown Sherbert
2nd Place: LitHouse – Darkish Dosi
third Place:Loudpack – Orange Creamsicle


Jesse Faatz

1st Place:Loudpack – Peppermint Hashish Infused Mints
2nd Place: Dixie – Bitter Smash Hybrid Gummies
third Place:Heavenly Sweets – Chili Lime Crackers

Infused Merchandise

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:Lola Lola – Trance
2nd Place: PapaBarkley – Releaf Tinctures
third Place:Sovereign – Mom’s Milk Geode

Vape Pen

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:The Humboldt Treatment – Combine Pen
2nd Place: Group Elite Genetics – Peach Soda Reside Resin Sauce Cartridge
third Place:Uncooked Backyard – Strawberry Mojito Cartridge

Indica Focus

1st Place: Uncooked Backyard – Banana Punch Reside Diamonds
2nd Place:The Humboldt Treatment – Punch Berries Reside Sauce
third Place:Nug – Dosidos

Sativa Focus

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:Apex – Banana Pudding
2nd Place: Nug – Premium Jack Sorbet
third Place:Apex – Sled Dawg

Hybrid Focus

Jesse Faatz

1st Place:Apex – Starburst OG x Dosido
2nd Place: Nug – Kandy Kush
third Place:Cresco – Strawberry Banana Reside Resin Sugar


Jesse Faatz

1st Place:PapaBarkley – Topical Reduction Balm
2nd Place: Mary’s Medicinals – Muscle Freeze
third Place:Heavenly Sweets – Roll On


Jesse Faatz

1st Place:Blue River- Frosty Strawnana Mochi Reside Flan
2nd Place: Feelin Frosty – Pink Lemonade
third Place:Papa’s Choose – Papaya Reside Resin

Folks’s Alternative Awards

Finest Sales space

1st Place:Ethos
2nd Place: Heavenly Candy
third Place:Papa & Barkley

Finest Product

1st Place:Ethos – Mandarin Cookies
2nd Place: Heavenly Sweets – Muddy Buddies
third Place:Lithouse – Darkish Dosi

Finest Glass

1st Place:SWITCH by Dr. Dabber
2nd Place: Dab Nation Dab Rigs
third Place:Nectar Collector by Huni Badger


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