Optimization of a preclinical remedy of cannabinoids together with temozolomide in opposition to glioma.


Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is probably the most frequent and aggressive type of mind most cancers. These options are defined at the very least partly by the excessive resistance exhibited by these tumors to present anticancer therapies. Thus, the event of novel therapeutic approaches is urgently wanted to enhance the survival of the sufferers struggling this devastating illness. Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the most important lively ingredient of marijuana), and different cannabinoids have been proven to exert antitumoral actions in animal fashions of most cancers, together with glioma. The mechanism of those anticancer actions depends, at the very least partly, on the flexibility of those compounds to stimulate autophagy-mediated apoptosis in tumor cells. Earlier observations from our group demonstrated that native administration of THC (or of THC + CBD at a 1:1 ratio, a mix that resembles the composition of the cannabinoid-based drugs Sativex®) together with Temozolomide, the benchmark agent for the remedy of GBM, synergistically reduces the expansion of glioma xenografts. With the purpose of optimizing the doable medical utilization of cannabinoids in anti-GBM therapies, on this work we explored the anticancer efficacy of the systemic administration of cannabinoids together with TMZ in preclinical fashions of glioma. Our outcomes present that oral administration of Sativex-like extracts (containing THC and CBD at a 1:1 ratio) together with TMZ produces a robust antitumoral impact in each subcutaneous and intracranial glioma cell-derived tumor xenografts. In distinction, mixed administration of Sativex-like and BCNU (one other alkylating agent used for the remedy of GBM which share structural similarities with the TMZ) didn’t present a stronger impact than particular person remedies. Altogether, our findings help the notion that the mixed administration of TMZ and oral cannabinoids might be therapeutically exploited for the administration of GBM.


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