Find out how to Smoke Weed With out a Lighter or Matches


Expensive Stoner: What are some methods to smoke weed with no lighter or matches?
Mac Gyver

Expensive Mac: You might simply purchase an digital vaporizer, and you then’d solely want to seek out an outlet each on occasion — however that is likely to be a first-world resolution. Making an attempt to smoke weed with no lighter or matches is a problem we have all confronted, however even essentially the most artistic tokers normally want a little bit assist until they know methods to rub twigs collectively like a Boy Scout. Then once more, in case you had been a Boy Scout, you in all probability would not be asking for survival ideas from a stoner.

You probably have a fuel range, then your downside is solved: Simply get a candle, wick or one thing else you’ll be able to safely switch the flame to, and puff away. In the event you solely have a coil range, then strive knife hits: sticking two butter knives within the heated range coils, putting weed or hash in between them after which sucking up the smoke. Each of these choices can get harmful, although. Probably the most eco-friendly and secure option to burn buds with no lighter is the solar. Simply seize a medium-sized magnifying glass, place it between the solar and your pipe, and burn that photo voltaic bowl.

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